quick recap of the deathly hallows

excited to watch the movie tomorrow, i started chionging deathly hallows the past 3 nights after i was done with my revision. believe me, it is not easy to stay up for another 2 hours, forcing my tired eyes to make it through the exciting chapter. thankfully for my passion in all things harry potter, i persevered.

the entire thickness is 600 and if the movie is going to be split in half, i assume page 300 is a rough mark of where i should be by wednesday. however, due to time constraints, i only got to page 254 of the book.

i also heard that the movie is the most accurate of all 7 so far, in adhering to the book’s storyline. haha that’s just because they split it into two movies. so anyway, if you’re going to watch the movie soon and forgotten what you read 3 years ago, here’s a quick recap of the first 254 pages:

story starts off with Harry having another loony moment, one in which he momentarily has a memory apparation into the mind of Voldy, and is able to see his thoughts and what naughty things he’s up to. this time, Voldy is having a meeting with his death eater pals in Lucius Malfoy’s house. there is the body of Muggle Studies teacher at Hogwards floating on top of their meeting table. the death eaters all take turns to try and kiss Voldy’s ass, but he stomps all of them down for some silly thing that they failed to accomplish, and thus, are deemed forever unworthy. all except Snape, of course, who recently blasted Dumblydorr off the tower in the 6th book. the scene ends with the Muggle Studies teacher being Avada-Kedavra-ed (AV) because she was propagating pro-Muggle ideologies

of course, the next minute, Harry wakes up and he is in the home of the Dursleys. it is the day that he’s about to turn 17 and will transit into wizard adulthood. that means that he will no longer have the Trace on him (the one that detects underage magic) and can do any magic he pleases, anywhere, anytime. however, turning 17 also means the special spell that his mummy died protecting him will be gone. so Voldy can now touch him and AV the life out of him.

so a whole bunch of Order of the Phoenix comes over before he turns 17 and tries to transport him to the burrow before he turns 17. because Voldy has now taken over most of the Ministry, all networks are being watched. so basically, if Harry tries to go anywhere by wizarding means, he is going to be hunted down by the death eaters within seconds. the Order, however, has this brilliant plan to use polyjuice potion to clone 7 different Harrys that go by different ways to different places (not the Burrow). from those places, they will then portkey (the only safe mode of transport left) to the Burrow.

unfortunately, someone seemed to have leaked the plan to Voldy and his pals + him show up within seconds of their flight. they attack each of the 7 Potters, only to figure out which one is real because the wuss decided to use Expelliarmus (apparently his signature move because he succeeded against Voldy with it before) against a deatheater. so they all arrow him, and Hagrid who was accompanying him. in the process, Hedwig gets AVed and Harry is very emo )):

upon returning to the Burrow, they find out that Mad Eye Moody was also AVed, and Mudungus Fletcher (some pilfering crook whom i can’t seem to recall who) disapparated away. George lost his ear and is now ‘holey’ haha.

they spend alot of time in the Burrow. and Fleur gets married to Bill. haha i wonder if they got her to come back in the movie. haven’t seen her for so long and then she suddenly pops up in Gossip Girl lol!! ok i digress..

Scrimgeour, the Minister for Magic, comes and visits Ron, Herm, and Harry to read them the contents of Dumblydorr’s will. Ron gets the Deluminator (the one that sucks light out of lightbulbs), Hermione gets Tale of Beetle the Bard (which i also have at home! haha), and Harry gets a Snitch. but they all have no idea wth to do with those nonsense things. oh, and Scrimgeour also says that Harry got the sword of Godric Gryffindor but refuses to pass it to him. sibeh guailan, this guy…

during the wedding, Harry has drink polyjuice potion again and show up as one of Ron’s cousins. halfway, a patronus from Kingsley Shacklebolt (part of the Order) delivers the message that Voldy has killed Scrimgeour and taken over the entire Ministry. so chaos begins…

the 3 of them immediately apparate without telling anyone to a muggle area. but death eaters are already waiting for them somehow, so they had to apparate back to no 12. Grimmauld place, Sirius’ old house. the house is the secret location of the order and has all the protection charms possible against everyone and anyone who is not the order. they stay there for awhile, finding out that the initials on RAB stand for Regulas Black, Sirius’ brother. so they befriend Kreacher and get him to tell the story about RAB as Voldy’s pal.

basically RAB joined the death eaters, and one day, Voldy asks to borrow Kreacher to help him sail across the inferi-filled waters, drink the terrible potion in the well, so that he can put his jewelry in. after that Kreacher almost dies cos Voldy ditched him and left him to the inferi. but RAB summons Kreacher back and he is able to apparate back home.

RAB one day decides he’s had enough of being Voldy’s maid, and decides to take revenge. so he asks Kreacher what happened that day, and asks Kreacher to bring him to the cave. of course, RAB drinks the potion and gets Kreacher to put in the duplicate locket, orders him to go back with the real locket and destroy no matter how reluctant or tearful Kreacher is.

however, Kreacher was unable to destroy the horcrux and eventually lost the locket to Mudungus Fletcher. the latter, in turn, sold it to Umbridge. both of them not knowing what the true powers of the locket were.

so Harry, Hermione and Ron launch a plan to infiltrate the Ministry and steal the locket from Umbridge. things go very wrong there and they end up being on the run. at first, they tried to apparate back to Grimmauld Place, but a death eater accidentally tags along and Hermione brings him into the house. which means that he is now one of the secret keepers of Grimmauld place, and can ask his other death eater pals to come over for slumber parties and camp here until Potter comes back for dinner.

jia lat lor. cannot go home, so have to apparate to alot of places and camp at different ones every night, nuaing and trying to figure out what to do next. Ron gets really pissy because while escaping from the Ministry, he apparated but Splinched (part of your body gets left behind if you dont apparate properly, and you bleed like crazy). also, life is real tough and he cannot tahan the lousy food that he has to sustain on every night. so one day he throws a hissy fit and walks out on Hermione and Harry.

that is all i’ve read so far. haha i know they go to Godric’s Hollow next, to try and find Bathilda Bagshot (author of A History of Magic textbook), who apparently was neighbours with Dumblydorr and seems to have alot of gossip about him and his family. also, Harry parents are buried in Godric’s Hollow cos that’s where they were living when Voldy came to AV them.

wah can’t believe i spent a solid half hour writing this. i bet i’m faster than a quick quotes quill lolol! better appreciate it and enjoy the movie ah!!!


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