we’d be science librarying yo

sick of facing a wall at home with sticky notes of impending exam dates, and mocking photographs stuck in close vicinity to remind of the carefree days of the summer holidays that are now replaced with this living hell of a semester, i decided to spend a day in the chill science library to study with kaye.

also, not to mention, that the weather was quite blistering hot in the afternoon and my room at home, unlike most privileged Singaporean kids, doesn’t have air-conditioning. so heng i decided to study in school!

i brought 5 sets of Patho notes, and 3 sets of Jap studies to complete for the day. a mean feat, but scheduling has been exceptionally difficult with only barely more than a week to finish an entire semester’s worth of content.

from 11am to 9pm, minus 2 hours of lunch and toilet breaks, i only managed to finish Patho and 1 set of Jap studies. which, i suppose, is not bad! just that i hate spillover revision because it stressed me out the next day.

the library is full of weird, weird people though…

see, i arrived in the library at 11am. i picked a table that was closest to the powerpoint because kaye told me that she’d want to charge her phone. 10 mins later, this girl walks in and starts looking out desperately for something. finally, she settled in the table beside me and started studying.

every so often, she’d take 5-second-gulps from her litre-large water bottle. i’d literally be distracted by the turbulent sounds of the water crashing against the walls of her oesophagus. it almost sounds like a mini-Wavehouse in there man.

and while people take vision breaks, she takes spray breaks: she has a bottle of herbal spray mist that she squirts onto her face like every freaking hour. and she was sitting so near to me at first, i was so disgusted when the horrid smell of the mist first hit my nose. WHAT IF IT WENT ONTO MY HAIR TOO? and it went on like that for the next 6 hours that she was there. when her friend came to join her, i heard her offering it to her amused friend after one of her spraying rituals, saying that it helps to ‘wake her up’. but thankfully, her sensible friend declined.

for that reason, i shall be referring to her as Misty from now on

later on, 3 girls walked in and were looking for a table. the library, being almost 3/4 full by this point, posed a dilemma for them to find 3 seats together. and i also presumed they were eyeing the powerpoint. so they walked over to Misty and asked whether the other 3 empty seats at her table were taken. Misty told them “no, her friend was coming later”. so two of the girls, who probably didn’t need to use powerpoints decided to sit at the empty table nearby, while the same girl asked Misty again whether she could have the seat next to her (which was the closest she could get to the currently unused powerpoint). here’s what Misty said:

No, because my friend will also want to use this seat.

i had the impression she had 3 friends joining her later and maybe my level of Mandarin wasn’t good enough to comprehend her heavily accented Mandarin. however, only 1 friend with a laptop showed up a couple of hours later. so i don’t know if Misty meant to say that her friend has 3 pairs of butts or what.

a while later, when kaye wanted to use the STILL UNUSED powerpoint to charge her phone, dear Misty prodded my arm and asked me,

(in English) Hello, later when my friend comes, can she use the powerpoint?


wah lao people charging phone only leh, not cooking pig’s intestines soup on a slow cooker right? unless your friend shows up in the next 10 seconds, JUST LEAVE THE POWERPOINT ALONE!

chao ji annoying…

also not forgetting her weird head relaxation rotations and odd squeals to herself while studying. i’d always feel so relieved every time she disappeared from her seat. thankfully, when her friend came, we surrended the powerpoint, and her friend sat next to me the rest of the day, hardly distracting at all. while Misty swapped places to the seat furthest from me, the spray breaks and water-gargling sounds got less annoying.

wah ok feel so much better taking the exam stress all out on Misty. although i’m not remorseful because she deserved it haha!


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