tiding through the tsunami

it’s less than a month to my freedom and i can almost taste the sweetness of it. but before i draw up plans for what i’m planning to indulge in once i throw my books into the fire (figuratively of course-pharmacy very kiasu one must keep for next time in case), because that tends to get me even more depressed that i can’t get to do those things now, let me list the ways that i try to lighten up a really monotonous, and very typical 12-hour studying day (:

taking a leaf out of gen’s approach of defining a good day as it being a sunny-yellow-banana one, i agree that yellow things brighten up a dull mood! especially if it’s yellow, and not a banana because i hate bananas.

Mamee Monster

remember this?!!!

back in the good old days, it used to cost 20 cents (it still does now btw), and it was the only unhealthy snack besides seaweed (10 cents) that i could afford with my 50 cents pocket money. pathetic right… i had $1 at first then on the first day of school i used up all of it to buy a very cute ink chop at the bookshop. my mum packed biscuits for my recess so the $1 i could save mah, then save means i can treat myself right?

well, upon questioning the use of the $1, i lied and said i bought a hotdog bun. and somehow i wasn’t very good at lying, so the mother got pissed and she cut the $1 to 50 cents. and only nonsense things from the bookshop like bouncing rubber balls were within my budget. no more pretty ink chops )):

so instead, i cheered my 7 year old self up with a packet of mamee on the schoolbus ride home! actually i also didn’t like eating on the bus because then i’d have to share my food with the other greedy girls. hahahahaha attitude sia.

come to think of it, that’s probably why i’m rather uncontrollable when it comes to shopping with my own unrestricted, albeit severely limited, flow of money now.

ANYWAY, munching on mamee makes me happy because it reminds me of a time when homework was as easy as cake, and my time was mostly spent playing catching and freeze and melt.

Lotus Caramelised Biscuits! i forgot the price, but you can find it almost anywhere as well!

this is another heavenly thing that you can pop into your mouth to make you forget all your studying woes. tastes so so so good, i always end up eating more than 1 packet at a go! definitely must try!!!

another thing that makes me happy, is NEW STATIONARY!


these ones and the clicker-ink pens are the best!!!! so many unique colours to add to my collection. i crave for a new one every week just so i will be motivated to write!

new highlights function the same way to motivate me to do readings BAHAH

mildliners! $1.95 each from almost any bookstore

of course, new pens and food can only do so much. when subjected to a bout of post-prandial drowsiness, productivity easily slides down the drain in an instant.

thankfully, i have discovered the best premix 3-in-1 coffee that is both cheap, and effective!

old town $6.20 for a packet of 20 sachets

if you have been drinking other INFERIOR brands of coffee and haven’t tried this, OMG WHY HAVE YOU BEEN WASTING YOUR CAFFEINE RECEPTORS????

whether cold/hot, this is the most tasty premix coffee that i’ve ever had. a little warning though, i think it tends to be rather generous with the lactose. so a deficiency in lactase will send you bolting for the toilet within the hour. which also kind of wakes you up right? and at the same time, promotes healthy bowel movement and negates the constipation effect of stress. hahahahaha!

finally, studying although sometimes less productive, is always more enjoyable with company! (: you just need to source out good places to go that are study-conducive. e.g. no to non-airport starbucks on weekends.

and definitely, study breaks. thank goodness for technology, and Apple, i have iPhone apps to help me with that.

one very very helpful app is Twitter. i always find that Twitter is so much more liberating than Facebook. you can complain and complain with multiple tweets until the cows come home and there won’t be any pressure for you to craft the update in a way that appeals for Likes, or have it show up on everyone’s newsfeed, along with an email notification to annoy them. besides, you can also look at the tweets of the people you chose to follow. sometimes, the same kind of complaints about not being able to study finish is somewhat comforting, because you know that you’re not alone.

of course, other nonsense game Apps might help. i just started on Restaurant City – don’t judge me. nonetheless, it helps me time my study breaks: when i play the app is only to cook a dish that i don’t have to attend to until say, 3 hours later (or other flexible durations), and thus can go back to studying for the time in between.

finally!! is SLEEP! beauty sleep. studying beyond 11pm is not for me man, so i really admire the people who can forgo sleep for a few hours of extra studying. GOODNIGHTY YALL, and good luck for the exams! (NTU fellas dont laugh so hard, when it’s december and everyone is partying, we will be laughing at you :P)


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  1. i am such a trendsetter, i introduced you to 2 out of the 5 things! 😀

  2. er no haha i knew about the lotus caramelised biscuits from sec 3!

  3. you.are.mad.

    i cannot believe. you took a picture of the muji penz.

  4. i did not chubby. i googled ‘muji pens’…


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