and everything in between

had a lovely end to a wednesday:

dinner at Al Forno’s, where we had the Prosciutto e Funghi. don’t ask me how that is meant to be pronounced. while ordering, we did the smart thing by pointing, and the gay waiter confirmed the name of the dish very smugly it with every ounce of Italian accent he could muster, and we were just damn thankful we didn’t try to read it out ourselves.

the pizza was fresh out of the oven when it was served, but it got cold too fast! so the dough became extremely hard to chew on, and the parma ham and mushrooms didn’t taste so yummy anymore.

on the whole, i guess the atmosphere was pretty cool. first time being seated in a restaurant with an open kitchen concept, and real Italian chefs kneading the dough right next to you and speaking to each other in their booming Italian voices. ups the authentic factor i guess, somehow adding a special kind of flavour to the pizza haha!

after dinner, we took a 15 min walk back to Parkway because i wanted to measure my fat level on the special machine!!!

haha i was so nervous okay! what if i failed!!!! hahaha my heart was practically pounding so hard when i stepped into the shop!

the lady asked for my height, age and blood type. then proceeded to key in some settings in her special machine and got me to stand on it. in addition, i also had to hold on to this metal bar with my arms outstretched and at right angles to my body.

overall, i had a 27% fat content. which is normal (20 – 29.9% for women), although it would’ve been more comforting if i was more than 3% away from moving into the next category…

strangely though, my subcutaneous fat from the whole body, trunk and legs are all less than skeletal muscle. which is a good sign of course. unfortunately, my arms have a greater subcutaneous fat content relative to skeletal muscles. but the lady assured me that this was normal for all women haha phew..

haha visceral fat level, also known as ‘belly fat’, is only 2!! normal is (1-9) WHADDUP šŸ˜€

and being an O type, i was recommended to eat more foods like rice, meat and veg, but avoid wheat, grains, corn. weird right? the pharmacist in me is skeptical of how they derive that kind of link from simple blood typing.

don't judge..

btw, RM is resting metabolic rate. she circled it not because it’s particularly low la, she’s telling me that if i want to lose weight without having to diet, i should aim to increase that by eating all those foods that are specifically beneficial for O type and also, exercise.

what the numbers mean

ugh i just looked at jeremy’s report card and i’m damn depressed ):

hahahaha after exams i’m going to get more musckles…esp in my arms.

hahaha a tad bit late for halloween, but whatever yo!

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  1. the cow is so cute!!!



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