just saying

it is that time of year again, where only the cool school-less people celebrate Halloween at Clarke Quay. with alcohol so widespread in that watering hole, and inhibitions out of the way, who can really tell whether it’s you in a cowsuit or a figment of their inebriated imagination?

although i’ve never been able to celebrate this festival, simply because the merciless hell weeks leading up to finals usually cramp up around this period, i’m feeling particularly bitter this year because there were so many Halloween things i had to reject for the betterment of my academic progress.

i almost got to dress up as a carrot and roam marina barrage to pose with people. but it’s my time of the month, so i also figured that it wouldn’t be very practical to keep changing pads while being a carrot lol!

in a parallel universe (sorry, just watched bbt this evening),

where i have a photographic memory and a 320gb storage containing the images of all my notes, which saves me alot of time spent memorizing them,

and also not having troublesome period woes / a self-changing pad mechanism inbuilt into my genetically enhanced body (ew..) / no period because the female body has evolved and done away with the unnecessary monthly shedding of the endometrium,

these are the list of people i would’ve liked to dress up as and go trick or treating:

1. Lady Gaga in the bad romance video


i remember being absolutely freaked by these very artificial eyes when i first saw the video. up till now i still don't know how she did it, which makes it even spookier!


2. Taylor Momsen


because she deserves to be kicked off gossip girl for looking so unkempt and demonic


3. A Sunbear

with very life-like movements, accurate jaw movements,

and hope nobody calls the authorities on me…


4. Sue Sylvester


no prizes for guessing which colour i will choose lol!


5. and finally, why would i NOT want to dress up as the most loved yet mocked popstar icon of all time:


justin bieber


yes everything about him screams Halloween: the odd androgynous look, pre-pubertal vocals, a nail polish line,  how this very unconventional image seems to attract the millions of girls and paedophilic women who want to bed him, the very same people who actually name themselves the ‘Bielibers’, and send death threats to any girl that he is photographed with (like er…why don’t they just send death threats to each other since they all have 1 common goal to eventually meet the boy and get a photo with him one day?!)

and with that, i’m off to bed dressed like a person who doesn’t have a life and has to wake up the next morning to study anti-TB drugs.

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