nothing makes sense at 230am

i went to sleep at 1230 am the night before, intending to wake up and go to school diligently for a stupid 1 hour lecture today.

but i simply couldn’t fall asleep! i tried everything! even trying to recall all the names of the antibiotics in the last set of notes i read. i counted sheep, lost count. i thought of what i was going to wear tml, ended up feeling more awake because i realized i don’t have anything to wear.

eventually, at 2am, i thought about whether i should still wake up 4 hours later for school. and by then, the thought process totally woke me up already. so i decided not to go to school. ended up msging kaye and asking whether i could borrow her notes since she’ll be at pharmaco. and i was surprised when she replied me and we ended up smsing for about half and hr and she sending me youtube videos to watch on my iphone. hahaha!

but i must say, once the pressure of needing to wake up at 645am is relieved, one tends to fall asleep faster.

maybe thats the real cure to insomnia, at least for my type of insomnia..haha!!

another 830am lecture tml. let’s hope sleep does not evade me today.


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