malaised weekend

had a really shitty weekend because i succumbed to the flu bug that had hit most of my friends in school. before that, i was still pretty smug about my supposedly superior immune system for resisting the virus. but as you can see now, i was terribly wrong about that.

instead, i spent an entire saturday trying to cram for patho CA despite the chills, bodyache, and inflammed tonsils. the airport atmosphere did make it easier for me to motivate myself to keep fighting the body weakness though.

funny story: i found out quite recently that tonsils are not the little bulb thing that hangs down from the back of your throat LOLLL. how i know sia! why name something when it doesnt even look very significant to me on a normal oral examination?! of course, then i’d be wondering why the thing hanging down doesn’t look bigger in size even though it’s supposed to swell during a sore throat.

the monotony of studying today was interrupted with 2 episodes of fever, and a very persistently congested nose, really ruined the zone yo.

but at least the malaised weekend is over, and i’ll be done with another week of school in no time to enjoy a better weekend, albeit still filled with studying ):

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