we’d be marching on

my list of ‘Important Dates’ postit on my sticky board has the dates of 10 different CAs and project submissions written on it. it is week 11 next week, and i’ve only crossed out 4 items out of the 10 of them. which also translates to an average of 2 tests a week for the next 3 weeks ):

despite that, i think it’s very important to not go crazy at this crucial period. thankfully for a very efficient study buddy, where we both are able to sit down for 3-4 hours at a go and not talk until work gets done, i’ve managed to avoid the mundane home studying. besides, i’m more inclined to concentrate and attempt to finish the set of notes i’m studying because i know i have only until a certain time to finish, and i’m not likely to slump over onto a table at starbucks and power nap unglamly in front of everyone else.

and when that 4 hours of hardcore studying is over, i’ll know that there will be an awesome dinner waiting!

today we had dinner at Astons Katong- a long while since i’ve had Astons, so the black pepper chicken plus potato salad and onion rings tasted extra good!

after that we walked over to Awfully Chocolate for dessert! tried the cold poached chocolate (which is something like cream infused with liquer – your pick of kahlua, honey malt whisky, and 2 other funny names that i don’t recognize) and chocolate cupcake!



chocolate cupcake




cold poached chocolate (honey malt whisky)


the cold poached chocolate tasted abit jelat after awhile, because the chocolate base was sooooo sweet. at least the cake part of the chocolate cupcake made it easier for us to stomach an extremely heavy dose of chocolate. it was so sweet that our supply of lactases seemed to have hit saturation levels and everything else just came out as, well…something that also looks quite like chocolate HAHA.

valuable lesson: not to be greedy when at awfully chocolate, otherwise you will have awfully bad time in the toilet…

tml it’s to the airport for marathon studying! 😀 😀

now that’s what i call putting the fun into studying!


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