get up and Go


handsome but wayy too skinny yo


every now and then, i feel a little bit less regretful about taking Jap studies this sem. haha previously was because of 1 lecture that detailed the reasons why jap people are not having enought sex lolol you should’ve seen some of the reasons man (“i see my wife as my sister, therefore i do not feel attracted to her sexually”)

and a preview of an upcoming lecture in week 11 has a couple of slides that describes the “Burusera” boom, which is a shop that sells used underwear and school uniform of girls. one underwear can be sold for 2000 yen, and at an even higher value if it has pubic hairs or stains on it. seriously…..and i thought people auctioning for Britney Spears’ underwear on ebay were sick enough.

last week, i got to watch a 2001 Japanese movie entitled “Go

surprisingly, despite having zero interest in Japanese culture, i enjoyed the film very much because it was very meaningful. it’s about a North Korean kid who faces alienation in the Japanese society, and has to fit in by hiding his NKness and switching to a South Korean. and of course, things are complicated when he meets a Japanese girl which is the epitome of the Japanese schoolgirl stereotype- super duper hot! but he is emo because he can’t reveal that he is not actually Japanese.

there is alot of violence though, i immediately lost the appetite for my delicious chocolate wassants lunch when blood spewed out from some guy’s mouth after being hit by a glass knuckle.

check out the trailer here!

don’t worry, i also don’t understand a single word of what they’re saying HAHA. but of  course when they played the movie for us, there were english subtitles la lol!!

i still prefer Korean. i’m going to pick up the language some day when i don’t have benzodiazepines or cholestatic jaundice to worry about!


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