how come Singapore got bear one?! Shit…. let’s go let’s go!!!


even more amusing are the comments, that seem to converge on the idea that it is possibly an exotic animal that someone smuggled into Singapore and is keeping in their bungalow basement.

seriously, if i had enough space in my basement. i’d spend the money on a gym or a state-of-the-art entertainment room, not a sun bear that goes out digging for rubbish at night?!

another one:

I think it’s a fake!

My reasons:

1) The Bear’s jaw never seemed to changed it’s position.

2) When was the last time a wild bear was spotted in Singapore?

3) The guy didn’t sound scared at all.

4) If it was real, would the guy have gone soo close to a carnivore, film it for 10 seconds and then realise he was in danger?

5) The bear could’ve easily outrun him.

hahahahahah!! the video so grainy i dunno how these people can go and analyze all the jaw movements and shit. already at night so hard to see, how the hell they expect the guy to recognize a black bear from a “safe distance” away?

and one more exciting link to check out when you are really really bored on the train

it’s about the Duke grad who documented her sexual experiences with 13 different schoolmates, rating them according to performance, personality, looks and length. hahaha some people just have too much time on their hands. first of all, she probably did invest alot of time in this project:

1. the actual deed: 13 x 1hr = 13 hrs

2. getting the attention of the victims pre-coitus at the bar, Shooters = 13 x 2 hrs = 26 hrs

3. documenting her thoughts and evaluating them carefully = 13 x 1 hr = 13 hrs

4. second, or third sessons with the same victims = 13 x ~2 hrs = 26 hrs

5. drawing up graphs, bar charts, and locating a minimum of 3 photos per victim = 13 x 1 hr = 13 hrs

that adds up to 91 hours. when divided by 13 weeks in a semester, that’s 7 hours a week, and so that would equate to two 2-hr practical sessions a week, 1-hr lecture, and 2-hrs of prepatory work.

SEX1101E next sem anybody?


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