the best is yet to come

contrary to the title of this entry, i am not going to be posting a video of the acjc lesbians, nice try succkas who are desperately camping online for visuals of that juicy scandal. won’t any normal lesbian porn suffice?

haha rather, on friday, i had the opportunity to physically enter a hotel suite in MBS- a place i’ve always dreamed of staying a night in ever since my visit up to that skypark.

but before that, i also got to sample the dinner buffet at Starz restaurant @ Hard Rock Cafe RWS.

i knew about the buffet when it first previewed on the first episode of Buffetlicious, and i was literally salivating as i watched two skinny girls claiming to thoroughly enjoy the buffet spread. but their looks of pleasure were convincing enough for me to want to try the buffet for myself. nonetheless, i discovered that the reviews for the buffet were quite bad. so i forgot about the craving for their buffet for awhile.

i’m not a fussy eater. i generally find food appetizing and am not particularly picky about the quality of it. often, i can’t quite tell the difference between a fresh and a stale piece of fish. i found the carousel buffet to be quite good, despite the countless reviews about if paling in comparison to the other hotel buffets. but the Starz buffet seemed to offer many examples of how bad food can be. this time, the reviews were right.

firstly, the spread of food was pathetic. it covers only one aisle, unlike carousel, which has nearly 5 aisles of food. and i’m very sure the line’s spread trumps carousel like three times over.

second of all, the choices within that particular cuisine are so limited!! they have only like 5 small bowls for each section. the most generous was the indian cuisine, which turned out also to be the best food there.

prata kosong was good! the chicken tika on the bottom right was also very tasty

sambal stingray too dry. prawn curry, however, was the best dish of the night. i totally polished it off my plate, together with the roti prata!

the indian briyani is also very good btw, the rice was just the right texture, and each mouthful was like a mini taste explosion of herbs and spice. simply amazing!

seafood was only like prawns and oysters wtf…. prawns were good la but the oysters were sandy and odd-tasting. i like oysters, but i really couldn’t bring myself to eat more than 2 of these weird ones- not worth the risk of diarrhea, or worse still, hepatitis.

quite fresh! although i only had 2 because i can't stand peeling prawns and touching their brain juice

huge portions but no substance ):

salad spread was also limited to 3 choices of veges, and a few condiments. ended up putting wayy too much balsamic vinegar into the mixing bowl and had a very sour salad :S

and yucks i hate the purple vege, whatever it's called

third, was this:

these deceiving little monsters

reviews for Starz restaurant buffet apparently proclaimed this dish to be the star of the entire spread. its parma ham with melon as its base. now, it looks really appetizing, because i really like parma ham. but the moment i popped that thing into my mouth, i could feel my vomit reflex kicking into motion. i dunno! i think the ham was raw, or at least only slightly cooked?! but the raw taste of meat was so overwhelming!! its disgusting as hell!! and the melon did nothing to compensate for the awful taste that was lingering in my mouth for the next 5 minutes despite flushing it down with lots of water.

triple yucks. but what the heck, just try for the sake of experience.

the fourth disappointment was the absence of their other famous dish- the wagyu burgers. i remember being especially salivating when Buffetlicious featured the mini wagyu beef burgers. and it was 70% of the reason why i wanted to try the buffet in the first place! the waitress gave us the pathetic explanation that there was a shortage of waygu beef, thus no burgers )): thing is, they didn’t even attempt to make up for it with something else. so not value for money la!

another terrible disappointment

one word: octopus

enough to tell you how that turned out…

ah and the sushi spread was also damn pathetic. don’t even have sashimi. the only salmon there was stale limp things on rice cakes, and the quality is no where as near as the sashimi in carousel man.

sian liao…so dessert time!

at least dessert was more appetizing. the spread was just sufficient for you to sample a bit of everything without wanting to throw up because you’re already so full.

the ice-cream was nice, definitely nicer than the pathetic chocolate-vanilla-strawberry combination at carousel. theirs was a combination of special yoghurt flavoured ice-cream! very interesting! i tried strawberry yoghurt and vanilla! with dried cranberry and almond toppings. wah damn shiokkkk


carrot cake - also ultra shiok! hahah both kinds of carrot cake i like. angmoh and not-angmoh! oddly enough, i hate carrots...

strawberry shortcake! no complains there!

blueberry tarts! i hate blueberrys but this one turned out to be damn good, most because of the yummy biscuit part, and the cream underneath the blueberries (:

mango cake: this one i want to complain; FREAKING SOUR LIKE SIAO. somemore so sour until got bitter taste wtf!!

well okay enough of the buffet. i hardly ate much though- my appetite shrank by alot. most of the time, we just took one portion of everything to share, and at least we’d get to try most of the food.

now onto MBS…

with some time left, we went up to the skypark again (this time for free because we were with the hotel guest) to check out the night scenery.

with the flyer!

pity i didn’t have ritz the last time we went up (in the day)! i’m still really bad at night photography, especially because i don’t have a tripod (still think it is retarded carrying one around..)

one day i will live the dream and swim in this pool

on the way up to the room, we encountered a whole bunch of 1.9m models hanging outside the skypark club. wtf i’m only at their shoulder and their legs are literally up to my waist! really an odd frodo moment there, considering i’m taller than most of my friends in everyday life (haha sorry pals…)

and now, behold the magnificence of the MBS club suite:

hello club suite! this is just the living room btw..

walking into the room felt so magical. this is really the first time that i’ve ever been in something so luxurious! i don’t understand how people like Blair and Serena (although fictitious) can live in this grade of hotel room and not feel so marveled at its luxury.


call me weird. but it's always been my dream to have two sinks, no matter how redundant that extra sink will be

and here we have the bedroom

you won't believe how shitty i felt, sleeping in my single bed that night, after i've been on this queen-sized baby

WALK IN WARDROBE! hahaha i win cos the 1.9m model wouldn't have been able to "walk-in"to her wardrobe 😛 😛 😛

its ok for me to dream of two sinks. at least its more attainable than a dream for a bathtub which can fit into a regular Singaporean home

there are two plasma HD tvs- one in the living room and one in the bedroom, which 22 different channels. got HBO, Korean channel, Aus channel, and freaking alot more!!! seriously can stay in the room the whole day and never run out of things to do!

plus got free wifi, and printer for you sia. wah lao i wish i were living in there already!

check this out!

it’s a Nespresso machine, famously modelled for by George Clooney. this is the Essenza model and costs SG$398. and basically you can make premium expresso shots for yourself everyday.

the funny ways rich people think of to spend their money. this one is already considered the most basic model. and the higher end ones can cost up to $1298. i think you pay me $1298, i buy for you $7 starbucks coffee every day and deliver to you also cheaper.

capsule-refills. then? you think you pay $398 for unlimited supply of expresso ah?

oh btw, another cool feature of the room fridge is that it is automated. if you take something out of its place and it doesnt go back within 30 seconds, you are automatically billed for it. so don’t play play and anyhow take things out of the fridge ok.

yes, this concludes the visit of the club suite. of course, i won’t get to spend a night in there. $800 can get me to HK and back with at least $200 of shopping loot that will last me a longer time than 1 Nespresso shot. nonetheless, i’d still want to try spending a night in a room and get to use the infinity pool. that kind of experience money cannot buy. so at least i’m opting for the most economical option to get that same experience heh heh!

until then… i’ll be dreaming on…


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