the 21 inch pizza

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after getting through more than half of the semester, we finally arranged to meet for a non-schoolwork-related dinner!

this time around, it was a pizza party and we had dinner at Pepperoni, which is literally tucked neatly away from the main road (approximately 15 minutes walk in from the nearest bus stop, 10 if you brisk walk) at Greenwood Avenue.

ooh i realized there's only 1 P in peperoni!

that place has a whole row of eateries, opened by the attas for the attas.

i’ve only been there once before, to try the fish and chips at Greenwood Fish Market. it wasn’t too bad! but at that time, having no extra cash from a scholarship, the bitterness of having to pay nearly $25 for something i could’ve gotten at fish n co for half the price kinda took away most of the enjoyment of the meal.

nowadays, i hardly feel the pinch when i have to pay alot for food. which is a terrible thing..i know. but sometimes, you can’t quite put a price to the pleasant experience you get while eating something so damn yummy!

but back to the pizza story,

i was the earliest, at the agreed meeting time of 630pm. despite walking all the freaking way up from the bus stop opp NJC. no joke okay, i was all nice and clean from my afternoon shower at home. and by the time i reached greenwood ave, i was sticky and itching thanks to my newly-developed neck eczema.

the rest only arrived about 7.10pm…..

this shows that it has indeed been too long since i last went out with my friends. i have seem to forgotten the “late enough to be punctual” rule when it comes to meeting.

when everyone eventually did turn up, we finally got to order our massive 21 inch pizza! half of it was Frutti di Mare (tomato sauce, mozzarella, prawns, clams, squid rings, fish and scallops) and the other half was Suprema (tomato sauce, mozzarella, shitake mushroom, onions, red chilli, and some sausage that was damn freaking shiok!

just look at the size of this thing

we also had calamari rings – very crispy! although the sauces were very normal,

chicken salad – interesting sauce! forgot to check out what it was in the menu, but definitely an interesting twist to the usualy olive oil and vinegar

and chicken mushroom – which is actually like a layer of mushroom tucked between layers of breaded chicken, i think. very flavourful because the entire thing is soaked with some kind of sauce, and it’s pretty good if you share. though i think if i had to eat it all by myself, it’ll become damn je-lat…

before 7pm is their happy hour, so while waiting for everyone else, i helped to order drinks and got them at the happy hour prices (: becky, kaye, suelynn and i shared a jug of ginger ale, which was very refreshing! it was $13 a jug at happy hour, although only just enough to fill 4 glasses :/

one with the elusive cassy

after dinner, kaye brought us for a little walk to a ‘nearby‘ playground. i was deceived because it took us another 10 minutes to get to this nearby playground. hahaha!

i saw so many dogs along the wayy!! feel so suaku because the dogs i see in my hdb estate are like half the size of these beasts prowling the the roads of private estates. i want to have a dog when i grow up!!! preferably small, because big dogs still scare me. i will never forget the day that melinda’s dog chased me a good 50 metres from her house…

ghostly encounters

could not partake in any playground activities because i was fearing for ritz's life


so glad i finally took some time off to enjoy myself thoroughly, though not before i forced myself to finish up studying the day’s prescribed amount of pharmaco first. looking forward to the end of exams where i will have more time to go out again!! 😀


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