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i’m amazed at how time flies!!!! yes i know this seems to be a common theme because every time that i do find the time to blog, i realized how long ago i last blogged, and how quick everything seems to pass by!

my mum is about to return from her month long trip to perth. haha i am looking forward to her return, and also all the presents that will accompany the return 😀 finally i get to sip some duty free midori-spirite to depress my CNS a little, while trying to feel less uptight about school.

recently i’ve been studying abit of the CNS series of pharmaco lectures. and the more i study, the more i’m inclined to believe that i am actually suffering from depression and anxiety. and then i feel even more depressed and anxious because i don’t remember the names of all the drugs i just studied. severe occupational hazard, i tell you.

thankfully, for all of the US dramas (i have 7 a week to watch), i get moments to reacquaint myself with my sanity.

when i watch gossip girl, it inspires me to find new ways of wearing clothes differently to school. despite how superficial this may seem, the effect of donning a new article of clothing, or even a new way of wearing the same thing, is enough to lift my mood and help me endure a dreadfully long day at school.

imagine if i had that umbella, and legs long enough to wear culottes as colourful as those

Click to view full size image

the gown i wish i'll have when i get married

"Goodbye Columbia" Gossip Girl Pictured (L-R) Katie Cassidy as Juliet and Chace Crawford as Nate PHOTO CREDIT:  GIOVANNI RUFINO/ THE CW ©2010 THE CW NETWORK.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

btw yucks i don't like nate's new gf cos her legs are abnormally thin!

"The Undergraduates" Pictured (L-R) Katie Cassidy as Juliet and Blake Lively as Serena Gossip Girl PHOTO CREDIT:  GIOVANNI RUFINO/ THE CW ©2010 THE CW NETWORK.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


"The Undergraduates" Pictured Leighton Meester as Blair Gossip Girl PHOTO CREDIT:  GIOVANNI RUFINO/ THE CW ©2010 THE CW NETWORK.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

sorry for the photo spam but i was seriously eyeing that dress in the bg LOL!!

and when i watch Vampire Diaries, ha ha don’t laugh at me- the men are worth the cliche storyline, i am reminded of romance.

"Kill or Be Killed" Pictured: Ian Somerhalder as Damon in THE VAMPIRE  DIARIES on The CW. Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW ©2010 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

haha though not fantasy romance with sommerhalder la 😛

when i watch BBT, i am reminded how being nerdy can also be fun when you have fellow nerd friends to talk jargon-speak to! much like how we all start joking in jargons when those become a regular part of our common vocabulary nearing an exam.

bang season 4,Big Bang Theory,episode 2,Jim Parsons,Johnny Galecki,Kaley Cuoco,Kunal Nayyar,Simon Helberg


when i watch Modern Family, i am reminded of, yes obviously, family. and the importance of it.


hurry watch it already!

Greys just reminds me of the need to study pathology and pharmacology harder so that i can understand the medical jargons that the actors struggle so hard to pull off as if they understand what they are talking about 😛

lazy to find pictures because they all look the same in scrubs anyway. and meredith is getting fatty and wrinkly. even derek shepard is ugly now…

as for Glee, i confess that i watch it 40% for the music, and 60% to listen out really hard when Brittany speaks

I don’t brush my teeth. I rinse my mouth out with soda after I eat. I was pretty sure Dr. Pepper was a dentist.

lol this episode is especially amazing because i never knew brittany could sing! her dancing is amazing though..

finally, completing the list of 7 shows is HIMYM, which hasn’t been very consistent with the level of humour which it was once so popular for back in the earlier seasons. and dammit, after 5 seaons, Ted hasn’t freaking met his wife yet. like Lost, it’s starting to get more frustrating than exciting to find out what happens at the end.

and thus, ends my summary of the 7 things a week i sit down for, and at the same time, charge up on my mojo to face the next week of hellish school.

off to watch vampire diaries now! 😀


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