devastation and reform

is the name of some relient K song that i normally skip over on when it comes up on my playlist, because i’ve grown tired of listening to it.

devastation also nicely sums up all that i’m feeling right now, at the brink of having to return to school to finish up the shit i started. i never used to feel this way about school, not even the hardest of times while studying for the big As and Os, because you were always surrounded by people struggling along with you.

over here it’s like hell and i’ve never felt more alone because work is enough to isolate you from everyone else. sad to say, i’ve only got 2 priorities this semester and none of which include spending funtime with friends. every social thing seems to carry the agenda of work, and frankly i’ve become quite sick of the whole regime. but what to do, it’s the reputably social-life-sucking year 3 after all.

but reform i must, and i will resolve not to sink while still making more time for the people that matter.

let’s meet up soon friends! 😀


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