the longest yet the shortest week

it’s funny how time flies by when you are doing the things you enjoy, and how the same entity seems to drag on forever when you are doing something you absolutely dread. which is why the past week has been both a mix of time flying and dragging on forever, so i get the odd feeling like one recess week feels like an entire month instead.

for the most part, i’ve been drilling into my brain med chem concepts, as well as trying to do summary of my jap studies readings. those seem to take forever to finish. but when i do go out and have fun, time just slips by so quickly that in no time, i find myself back to doing the things i dread.

but i suppose its doing the things we dread most, that get us to the fun parts quicker!

well lets see where i left off… the cereal party on Tuesday.

Tuesday night, renard, kenny and i went all the way to Changi Airport to send shaun off to UK. with a last minute confirmation of his Visa application at 2pm that very same day, shaun packed his entire life in 4 hours and mobilized all his friends to come down to send him off. thanks to the fact that 99% of shaun’s friends are boys and have gone through the regimental days of army, they seemed to respond extremely well to his last minute mobilization text. and i ended up being the only rose among the very rowdy thorns that were taupoking him on the floor of terminal 1 (of course, i was not part of the melee).

haha and somehow, along the long winding journey back home on the train, renny (kenny + renard LOL) and i made a pact to plan for a Bangkok holiday in dec! you all don’t disappoint ah…

party hard in the uk! and say hello to melly for me!

Wednesday was a day spent at Sentosa. after having a very long internal debate on whether to use sunscreen or suntan, i opted for the former option. yes, a bronze skin is very hot. but wrinkles in your 20s are not. and right now, 21 is a very delicate age to be playing a fool with UV rays. so thank goodness for SPF 30, i managed to get only a slightly browner in the blazing sun at Wavehouse. no no, i did not go on those simulator wakeboards. hahah i just nuaed on a tanning bed and watched an angmoh MILF and her cheeky toddler who was trying to pull her bikini off.

with photoshop, who needs a real tan from the sun? 😉

Thursday i was at parkway for almost 3 hours studying. i am finally a Starbucks convert! i absolutely love the white chocolate latte with some cinnamon powder (:

andddd Friday was another dreadful day of study, and being stood up by my tuition kid (wah lao i very insignificant meh…), but at night was awesome because i hung with chubby and we went to island creamery for Mudpie after we barely made it though 1 hour of studying at her place hahah!

as for today, i was at parkway again studying (haha my new hangout yo). but then spent the rest of the day watching US dramas!

PLEASE GO AND WATCH MODERN FAMILY ALREADY. i swear, everytime i tell someone to go and watch cos it’s like the most awesome show ever, they always say okokok but never go watch. then 2 months later, someone (obviously more significant than me) else finally gets them started and they’re like ‘OMG MICHELLE HAVE YOU WATCHED MODERN FAMILY????’

so my dear friends, the moral of the story is:

trust me and freaking watch it.


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