some manly cereal

i jolted awake at 8am on a Tuesday morning because of a nagging urge to pee, only to realize that it was already time to wake up for a cereal party at Kaye’s.

as always, i was the first to reach. but not long later, nat came with 4 cartons of milk. so we opened ceremony the Fruit Loops i brought 😀

wanted to buy fruity pebbles but lousy sheng siong only had this

soon, nash and chunyim came and we got the party started yo! there was koko krunch, honey stars and milo balls! but chunyim commented that all the cereal we brought were so kiddish, thus, did not join in the cereal-eating until more manly cereal like quaker and post came along with valerie and suelynn respectively.

most of the time we just nuaed in her humongous courtyard, listening to her play the guitar, singing along, and camwhoring.

best part of the day was when we all recorded a video of us singing Baby by Bieber, and i was rapping the LUDA part. freaking epic but i’m too shy to upload it online for public viewing hahahah!

anyhow, i really feel like learning how to play the guitar! it looks so hard though, all the fingering and chord changing. piano already cannot play properly. guitar sure cmi one ): but guitar is so awesome cos so many songs can be easily translated into guitar scores for you to play and sing along at home!

LOL! actions all man!

i spent the whole time being photographer and helping people take photos for their new facebook profile picture. i should start charging soon…

farmer yim taking a break from ploughing the fields

spinning around suelynn

kaye and her cute miniature guitar!

act cute worzxzx nash!

hahaha i decide the content in the entry so of course i pick the best photo of myself XD

LOL new photowhoring skillz- ghost-styled photos!

hahaha loads more photos but they all go on facebook! thanks for having us over kaye! and please teach me how to play the guitar soon!!!!! ❤

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