we be baking

look what we spent an entire afternoon on saturday doing!

Chocolate Pudding Filled Cupcakes

ha ha, just keeding. this is the idealized cupcake, taken from the online recipe by averagebetty


which was also our target for the afternoon of baking.

i’ve never actually baked in my life. most of the time, my mum helps me and i just stand around pretending to look useful. so this time, i had to do all of the prep work by myself since my mum is not in Singapore at the moment.

the day before, i went to locate and clean all the baking things. my mum seemed to have accumulated a collection of baking tools over the past few decades, that have been unused for the last 5 years or so because her enthusiasm for baking died. so of course, she was very hopeful that we would succeed so that we’d be inspired to further our baking adventures, and so that her tools won’t go to waste.

the star of the collection was the super ancient kenwood mixer. which proved to be extremely useful when we were mixing all the ingredients! i can’t imagine manually mixing everything with my hands, they’d probably have dropped off by the end of it.

so the recipe required that we make the frosting, the cake part of the cupcake, and the chocolate pudding filling from scratch! intimidating~! but it turned out fine once we worked out what 1 cup meant. converting oz to g, and F to deg.

jeremy did most of the mixing and weighing though. i got very irritated everytime a dirty dish or utensil was left in the sink (intended to be washed at the end of everything), so i eventually took charge of the washing. that’s why we made a great team- used tissues were thrown away within 5 seconds of being left on the table, there were always clean utensils to use, and of course, a high baking success rate because my inability to follow instructions on recipes was factored out.

special K!

filling up the cupcake tray

rising in the oven!

not fun to pose for this photo at all because the oven is so freaking hot!

putting in the chocolate pudding, which tastes freaking awesome btw

finished product! looks nothing like the target, but whatever. i blame it on the frosting bahahaha

the recipe said that 1 batch would churn out 12 cupcakes, so we made 2 batches. and ended up, somehow, with 44 cupcakes LOLLL

freaking tired after that 4 ardous hours of baking. although at least it was quite a success so not so bad. the reviews for it aren’t great though. the only people who say it’s nice are us, and really polite people. cassy commented that it was very nice. after that when i said i’d give her the remaining 3 muffins in return for driving me home, she tried to decline politely again. but upon my insistence, she blurted, ‘BUT i already gave you a lift home!!!

like that la….

my brother complained that the icing was too sweet, and the cupcake wasn’t strong enough to hold in the chocolate pudding. yet, i see him gobbling up 4 cupcakes in a day – 2 at a go.

so from what i gather, the main learning point from this baking experience is:

DO NOT use frosting

Singaporeans are very sensitive to things that are wayy too sweet. even i don’t usually like frosting normally. the only reason why we did was because we had to cut a hole in the cupcake to fill it up with the pudding, and replacing the pudding hole with cake only looked rather unpresentable.

furthermore, frosting makes packing the cupcakes absolutely impossible! i can’t stack them up because the frosting would be ruined. plus i don’t have enough wide containers to fill 44 cupcakes! and when i brought them to nash’s house today, the cupcakes tumbled around in the container and the frosting was ruined )): so troublesome!

ah well, next time we’d have time to bake again is after exams. not pro enough to do a logcake, but possibly cookies since they’re relatively easy!


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  1. WooHoo! Thanks for trying my cupcakes! I love your photos and the story behind all of your kitchen gadgetry. Sorry you didn’t enjoy the frosting; funny thing most of my friends love it because they think it isn’t too sweet. Crazy Americans, I guess! Next time, maybe just do some (lightly sweetened) whipped cream instead of the buttercream? Happy baking 🙂


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