puasa at nash’s

nash invited us to her place for Puasa! and since it’s my first time Puasa visiting (i’m not kidding), i was pretty excited since i’ve heard about the good food! and of course, company HAHA

the food, cooked by nash’s mum, definitely lived up to my expectations! we had mee goreng (if wrong then paiseh worzxz) which had white noodles instead of the yellow mee (i dont like bleh)! so i really enjoyed it (: also, chicken curry that was spicy and shiokkk, especially when eaten with bread. finally, for dessert, there was fruit jelly cocktail (yum!) and an array of 12 jars with different hari raya goodies in each of them! wah i had alot of fun trying the contents in almost every single jar, all damn delicious!

and then we chilled in her room, watched silent library on youtube and played with this!

a catsuit from korea!

kinda made me look like i have a super saggy crotch bahahaha!

LOL trying to whip cassy

yay! thanks for having us over nash! (:


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