taboo topics

finally a breather after two consecutive weeks of mugging for different tests. so glad that the stuff that i nearly killed myself to memorize over the past week all came out, and thank goodness i could recall them despite having less than 5 hours of sleep the night before.

after school i went out for the last time with melly before she leaves and won’t be back until next June ))))): so sad, this was pretty much one of the two rare occasions that i got to meet up with her alone all holiday! but nvm la it was very fun. we laughed so much until my cheeks were totally aching from all the flexing. now, see renard? i am on my way to buffing up my cheeks, but in the right manner.

well then later on we met ronald, renard, kenny and shaun for one last class outing before shaun leaves for London on saturday for a year as well )): everybody is leaving!

the highlight of the night was our supper at Cold Rock creamery, where we played Singapore Taboo. SO MANY EPIC MOMENTS HAHAHAHA! at times i ended up making all sorts of weird noises like Tarzan’s jungle howl, and trying to mimic the battery-operated lantern music, as well as singing the tune of Fur Elise.

here’s one totally epic taboo moment- albeit crude but it totally cracked us all up!

the word on the card was ‘RESPONSE’ and almost all the things that can be associated with it are taboo, so i decided to go with ‘Responsibility’ and get renard to shorten the word from there. and somehow the first thing that came to me was the following:

me: ‘ok when you are having sex with your gf, and to prevent her from getting knocked up, you use a condom. therefore, what are you? what is this action called?’

renard: ‘AROUSED’


me: ‘omg NO! ok, lets say if your gf gets pregnant just because you didn’t use a condom. like you anyhow, don’t care. what are you not being??’

renard: ‘AGGRESSIVE!’


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