my mum is off to perth tomorrow for a one month fellowship at Princess Margaret hospital for children. she’s never left us for more than a week and this time it will be for 4!! i’m just glad i’m not a child anymore because i’d definitely be a whole lot more mum-sick than i would be for the next month.

like any true blue Singaporean would do when they’re about to leave the country for a pretty long while, she chose dimsum as one of her last local meals. so we had the dimsum alacarte lunch today at Peach Garden restaurant, Thomson Plaza.

they're located on level 1 of Thomson Plaza, er, near the toilet hahaha

the restaurant was ultra packed because it was a public holiday. and the service staff all bordered on rude, or just plain ignorant, because they couldn’t cope with the crowd. the person answering the phone snapped at my mother when she tried to push the booking back by half an hour. now that is not the way to speak to someone, is it?

chicken feet! my favourite! the one here is really soft and you can strip every single bit of collagen yum from the bone. damn shiok!

another dimsum favourite! char siew shou!

mini egg tarts! i found it a little too bland, perhaps less sweet than the usual. but still very soft to bite into, and it just melts into your mouth (:

after lunch, we went to visit my grandma at All Saints Home. it’s my first time visiting and the place is really depressing ): everything reeks of antibacterial agents, much like the smell in hospital wards. and quite alot of the elderly folk there have dementia, so they often try and attract your attention to ask for help to use the toilet, or to bathe, because they can’t differentiate between the workers and the visitors. it really is quite sad.

haha my grandma was in one of her non-lucid moments, and kept asking who my brother and i were every 5 minutes. at one time she looked and me and thought i was my mum. haha the latter was so pleased with the remark because she said that it means that she still looks young -.-

i brought ritz along so i took a couple of pictures of all of us in the courtyard outside. at the same time, i was practising my macro floral shots hee hee!

in primary school i used to suck these for nectar, but only because everyone was doing it. come to think of it, i was quite dumb cos it was so unhygienic!


everybardy altogether

look at my brother all decked out in ASOS haha!

and then, i taught my mum how to do jumpshots HAHAHAHAHAHAH


hahaha my turn! my face is freaking epic omg...

LOL my stomach muscles are still aching from laughing so hard at the photos when i first uploaded them!!

i’m gonna miss my mum!! ):

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  1. MICH YOUR MUM DAMN CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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