a hair raising encounter

no this is not a story about a seventh month sighting. i’ve been quite careful to walk a far way from anything seventh month related. and if absolutely inevitable, i’d make it a point to avoid stepping on spilt candle wax, or even paper ashes. although i’ve recently incurred a large blue-black on my right thigh, so have my mum and my dad on some other part of their bodies. and my mum has been trying to spook me by speculating that we’ve all been ‘marked‘ in our sleep.

anyway, 3 days ago, i was very inspired to relive the voluminous curls that the hairdresser painstakingly blew for me on my birthday. so i picked up a $2 round brush and curled my hair around it. thinking that it would be a new method of drying my wet hair, so that it revives the big curls once it’s dry, i tried to unwind the comb to unravel the product of my experimentation.

but it wouldn’t move. i managed to rotate it for all about 30 degrees before it got stuck.

i spent the next 30 minutes in so much agony. at first, trying to tease it all out slowly, and then becoming impatient, and finally desperation got the better of me. i picked up a scissors and started snipping the plastic teeth of the brush away. of course some hair had to be compromised along with it, but if i could get everything out eventually, it was better than losing it all.

but it was still stuck!!!! despite having like 5 whole rows of teeth snipped off!

so i did the inevitable. i snipped off the hair i so patiently waited to grow out for the past 1.5 years.



thankfully it was only about a 1.5 inch bunch of hair that i grabbed, so the aftermath of the tragedy wasn’t so drastic. in fact, you can’t tell the difference unless i carefully pick out the bunch to show you the difference between right and left -at least 5 inches shorter ))):

today the bunch of short hair, which is unfortunately right in front, started to stick out because now it dries faster than all my other long hair. and it got me thinking about how one day i’d cut all my hair short to when it was last time…


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