imma be 21

next time i will know not to make bday wishes looking like that...

i celebrated my 21st birthday at Food for Thought 8Q!

as you would recall, in june, i was getting very frantic about planning for my birthday party. so many things were going wrong all at the same time! first of all, cassy pangseh-ed our grand plan to celebrate a threesome birthday (together with melinda) at  Capella Sentosa resort villa. for the next 2 weeks of idling at home, i was busy searching the entire database to filter out affordable yet decent places to celebrate my bday at.

eventually, by some miracle, and very efficient filters at, i managed to find this wonderful place!

i looked at their website and emailed the events rep, Pauline, who was more than ready to help me out with the entire celebration! thanks to her super quick replies, we managed to settle the menu, location and price within the next 2 weeks. after heading over to recce the food and location with Jeremy, and falling deeply in love with the Granny Smith Apple Crumble, i was dead set on having my birthday at the place. it’s really the perfect location for a birthday celebration. even though i only booked like half the restaurant, the place was quiet and cosy enough (despite other customers) to provide a fitting atmosphere for the party (:

luckily for all the early preparations, i ended up not thinking about the party (actually nah, i was secretely very excited) for the months of July and August. end August, i just did little bits of prep work here and there like getting the guestbook, arranging the seating plan, inviting people, doing up my own backdrop and buying deco.

it was a mad rush on Wednesday 1st Sept though!

i was rushing to NUS with my parents to buy my mum a laptop with my 2nd purchase scheme. and then back to Bishan to have my hair wash and blown to curls of epic proportions (the ones i initially thought i would have…), then back home to get everything and train to Plaza Sing to get nash’s food and a balloon pump from Daiso (that turned out to be a stupid bicycle pump that doesn’t work on balloons…), and finally reaching FOT at 6pm to decorate everything before guests arrive at 630pm.

of course i didn’t make it. my relatives reached at 645pm and i was still unchanged and struggling to tie all the balloons up. so very thankful for jeremy who was basically there with me to help me out with everything! i can’t believe how lousy i am at blowing balloons, all the air that was in the balloon regurgitated back into my lungs so many times when i was trying to blow them bigger!

pictures of myself from baby to adult. and nash's accusing finger mocking my act-cute photo from 12 years ago

people started streaming in at 7pm and i was starving so i got them to unravel all the glorious food!

Bacon and Calamari Salad

Potato Gratin with Mushrooms

the other two dishes; Crispy Curry Chicken (that i had with mayo sauce instead) and Chunky Sausage Spagetti

Cream Profiteroles

Granny Smith Apple Crumble

dammit, now i regret not having more to eat…

anyway in that 2.5 hours, i spent alot of time catching up with all the people i <3!!! i eventually lost track of time and kept being interrupted by waiters to ask when the cake should be served, and my uncle, who seemed desperate to leave the place asap…

at 845pm, they laid out the cake, which had carefully chosen icing words by yours truly. hahaha today is the only day that it’s all about ME~! so the top of my cake looked like this

see if you can make out the words LOL

my birthday speech, rehearsed at least 5 times over the last week, turned out to be a pretty shaky public speech with a hell lot of repetitive ‘Thanks’ and an absolutely inability to alter the sentence structure to vary the different synonyms for appreciation. hahahaha but the gist was there la.

and of course, birthday pictures are always essential, some of which were taken by qinghui’s pro dslr with flash and 50mm lens extensions. made ritz look like a noob next to it!

i love the rosy effects! dunno how he make one!

haha wassap with chunyim (btw i'm not bitchblogging about you xP)

the most theme-adhering boys at the party. GOOD JOB!

with gen, who will always remember this bday party for the sanitary pad story LOL

smarty pharmies

super funny picture that qinghui made us pose for!!

taller than 4/5 of them 😛

doubling up with derrick's super fancy santa hat!

helium balloons courtesy of cassy! people were actually pointing at it when i was leaving. i wonder if they think i had a baby shower....

later that night, i made a rash decision to pon 3 lectures the next day for MAMBO NIGHTTTTT

after all, how often it is that you turn 21?

anyway i really really loved all my presents this year!!!! i really appreciate all the effort that everyone took to get them for me. the off-the-wishlist presents were also damn awesome, like the surprise Tiffany Key that left my mouth wide opened really unglamly for 5 whole minutes ❤ ❤ and the swatch watch in my favourite colour of the moment (navy blue)!! the camera bag for ritz is DAMN NICE also because it’s the exact size that i’ve been looking for! gen christened it Jimmy. so now you can say that Ritz is in Jimmy. LOL

not forgetting all the amazing vouchers from Topshop and Sephora. NOW I CAN GO BUY SO MANY PRETTY THINGS!! hahah shopping for the next month gao dim already (:

i think the best present of all was the entries in the guestbook. i was reading all of them last night and i kept tearing up because they were all so heartfelt and sincere. i simply feel so blessed to have the friends that i have in my life ❤

although i feel old now, i also feel so elated that this birthday has indeed been one of the greatest birthdays of all time! and omg i must say i really like parties! i’m going to have one more at the next turn of the decade! better come yall!! by then it might actually be a real baby shower LOL


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  1. chubby! kaye named jimmy 🙂


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