so hot we’ll melt your popsicle

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saturday was cassy’s 21st birthday party at Oosh Dempsey.

the atmosphere of the location is really really nice and romantic. except that it was really dark. it was like pitch black omg, i think the people working there have like super awesome night vision because they were shuttling food and large trays of drinks around with ease, while we were all struggling to look for one another in the darkness of the night.

game of the night

hahaha when we first got our bead necklaces, melinda immediately said ‘drink‘ and jeremy caught her. so he took her necklace and put it around my neck. then he took his own off and put it on my neck as well, freeing himself from the burden of having to watch his words the whole night. hahaha im a suckka for winning games, so of course i was damn happy la!

i resorted to speaking chinese whenever i had to approach the danger words. i think i probably slipped once or twice but nobody took the game seriously anymore to catch me doing it. so eventually i also dumped the necklaces in my bag because it was making my neck very itchy lol!!

the food were arranged very nicely, canape-style, and consisted of mini burgers, calamari rings, chicken wings, thin crusted pizza and fried mushrooms.

mini burgers that came in different flavours, although was unable to visually distinguish them with my poor night vision

mostly, we hung around and talked for most of it. in addition, i was trying very hard to see how shaun’s IPL turned out. hahaha but the flash from ritz helped me out with that part, and omg he’s really more hairless on his arm than i am! scary!!

amazing technology of ipl!!!

and of course, there was alot of camwhoring. so here goes!

susu all decked out in (the one of cassy's many themes) Alien vs Predator. i suppose kaye and i fit into the other theme of California Girls. although kaye was supposed to be kinky nurse...

with shen, jarrod, zk and boren

cassy's first outfit of the night! very CF girls indeed

2nd outfit of the night! haha and a super nice photo of all of us (: surely a collectible because it's so rare to get everyone together at any one time!

acjc clasmates ❤

cassy wishing for world peace

overall, a very cool party! and also one of the darkest parties i’ve ever been to hahaha!!! now i’m really super excited for my birthday party on wed. please, no blackout….


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