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another one of the overhyped food places that recently made its way to Holland V

having tried the nutella tart and found it wayy too sweet, i was back to try the food, or more importantly, the much raved-about fries!

the 6 of us arranged to meet there at 730 for class dinner. and we were waiting expectantly outside the place for the waitress at the entrance to seat us, or at least take down our names because the place was obviously full house. but she totally ignored us for like 10 minutes! initially i thought she was going to approach us, but was busy at the moment. but the moment seemed to be eternal for her, so WE had to approach her (who was currently standing at the entrance doing absolutely nothing) and ask whether we could get our names on the waiting list -.-

that was already the start of a very bad impression with the service standards there.

they called joel after 15 minutes of waiting to say that our table was ready for us. however, they realized that they accidentally called us wrongly and were supposed to seat a group of 8 instead of 6. so they made us squeeze in the nearby table of 4 (luckily mel and ronald not there yet) while they wait for another table of 6 to vacate. wah piang, by then already so hungry, still cannot order! sibeh sian to the max ok…

FINALLY when we were seated, i already decided i was going to have the pork cutlet sandwich. it comes with a serving of fries (straight cut -mos burger, or shoelace -macdonalds) and coleslaw/mini caeser salad. i picked the straight-cut sour cream and onion fries and a coleslaw because they ran out of mini caesar salad at 8pm -.-

redeeming meal (:

the pork was tender, with just the right about of breaded crust! and the sour cream and onion fries totally pwn macs shaker fries. shall not waste my calories on nonsense shaker fries like that anymore unless it is seaweed shaker fries 😛

however, when ronald ordered the pork cutlet sandwich as well, he said that the pork was no meat and all bread crumbs. haha consistency fail….but it’s ok at least mine was yummy (:

i tried abit of renard’s curry flavoured fries, quite je-lat leh after awhile. at least the sourness of the sourcream doesn’t make it so overwhelming, especially with the straight cut fries.

the service staff were completely overwhelmed by the friday night crowd, and couldn’t really refill our glasses when they were emptied. also, when billing us, they blundered and accidentally charged us with 5 meals instead of 6. hahaha buy 5 get 1 free! so we each only paid $9 for our meal after GST. heh heh good deal after experiencing such horrid service.

after dinner, we went to starbucks to play monopoly deal (regular class outing activity) until it was time to catch the last bus home.

i hope joel didn't spit on my camera. he already spit on my iphone ):

hahaha ultimate funny because of all the new monopoly deal innuendos that we invented. aww man gotta meet up with the Singapore people and do this more often! i always forget how much fun we have when we are all in hysterics after suaning renard about his one and only.


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