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despite the increasing workload at school, i’ve managed to squeeze in some time to put in the finishing touches for the planning of the big one next wednesday!

i made my own backdrop the other day with some craft materials that i scoured the whole of Popular for. i absolutely love Popular cos it’s cheap, has almost everything, and i have 10% off ((:

my mum cleverly excused herself from all this business and said that it was ‘good practice’ to do everything myself because i’d need it when i have to plan my wedding next time. hahaha maybe she hasn’t heard of a wedding planner.

anyway melinda’s brilliant idea lead me to dig up albums of my childhood (thanks to mum’s OCD labelling of the date, location/event) and obtained about 15 pictures of myself from birth to present. i even found an album that was named ‘my first photo album’ and it has been tracking my growth all this years! it has my birth weight (3130 g), conditions (mild jaundice), when i learned how to walk (12 months) and several other interesting facts i never even knew about myself! at the end of the album is a page meant for birthday wishes and finally, the album is to be presented to me on my 21st birthday. how awesome is that!

i also realized that between the ages of 12 to 16 were indeed very very dark times, where i am presently verry embarrassed of my horrible hair, braces, and nose!!! but thanks to my consistent efforts at nose-priming (rubbing my nose bridge upwards) every single day in sec sch, i have a more decent nose now. and $7000 later, i have perfectly aligned teeth. $2800 later, perfect eyesight. and countless dye jobs and 1 whole year of growing my short hair out, i’ve got better hair.

also thanks to tuition, work, and now, scholarship, an income to fund a wardrobe of awesome clothes. omg my fashion was totally wrong back in 2005. i found a picture of myself in a god-ugly halter that was a size too small, a disgusting white belt with metal STUDS, and a bra that did not fit -.-

when i am a mother, i will not let my children fall victim to the fashion police. photo memories always come back and haunt you….

thankfully, despite the tumultuous teens, (when my parents probably had the worst time in their lives) i turned out pretty ok! and i’m thankful everyday for that.

nonetheless, i can’t wait to celebrate my 21st! i’m get very obsessive when it comes to planning ahead and alot of things tend to fall short of my expectations because they don’t happen as expected. so i’m praying that all the planning works out! a precise execution of birthday speech is what i’m most afraid of screwing up – i’m very shy….so i’m either scared i’ll panic and miss out thanking people, or becoming so overwhelmed that i cry.

nvm, practice makes perfect.

6 more days before the big 21~!!


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