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on a Saturday afternoon, we bought Subway subs, a bottle of champagne (will illustrate to you why later), and cabbed down to Marina Barrage for yet another little outing where i get the chance to practice using Ritz in the perfect shooting weather.

after days of storming nonstop, we got to bask under a relatively cloudy with occasional streaks of sunlight scorching my light-sensitive skin. i forgot to bring out sunscreen for my arms, and ended up with lobster red shoulders from just 2 hours under the sun.

i used my sentosa beach mat, which i bought with gen 2 years ago when we were still damn ON about tanning, as a picnic mat. and i just lay the fugly plaid shawl, that i bought for kaye’s party but never ever found a proper use for until now, on top. being absolutely famished, we were digging into our subs the moment our asses hit the ground. nonetheless, never bring a meatball marinara sub to a picnic if you don’t want to end up with marinara sauce on your nose or slices of tomatoes falling out and staining your picnic mat. but then again, if it falls on the fugly plaid shawl, it’s quite alright xD

best picnic view ever!

there were a couple of kiteflyers, pro and noobs alike. the pros can usually be distinguished with their solid kites with a massive surface area, a proper reel to keep all the excess nylon string, and gloves to protect themselves from string-cuts?! hahahaha, and they always bring their kids, who will be given laupok kites to horse around with, just so that they will leave the former in peace to enjoy a quiet time with their precious kite.

initially, we did intend to try out kite-flying. but upon careful examination at the cheap ones they sell at Toys R Us, we decided that the quality of those wouldn’t hold and thus, there would be no fun if the kite doesn’t fly and we only end up looking like noobs.

pro kite with pro tail swishing around and threatening to deliver a good whiplash to us sitting nearby

after the subway meal, we brought out the bottle of champagne that was fast warming up thanks to the invisible UV rays. anyway i’ve always wanted to pop a champagne bottle, and who says you have to wait until your wedding to do it! hahaha can just buy a cheap bottle from cold storage for $20 and have some champagne popping fun at Marina Barrrage!

really freaking scary ok!

took me like a good 5 minutes to shake the bottle of bubbly, dig my nails into the bottom of the cork and try to wedge it out of the bottle! shake and dig, shake and dig, until eventually, the cork flew out with a loud POP!!!!!!!! instinctively i closed my eyes so i missed, according to Jeremy, a very impressive 2 metre high cork-leap. hahaha!!! it finally landed on the grass, pretty far way from where it came from.

well, since the champagne was only $20, the taste was also only worth $20. it was very very sour and bitter, quite like the alcohol had already oxidized to carboxylic acids. (wah wah pro~!) but at least the experience and the fun was worth $20 la huh hahaha!

spent the rest of the picnic ritz-whoring!

like in abu dhabi!

idea for a new subway sub lol!

much effort to take ok! had to really put all the toilet half squatting skillz to the test!

and later on, we went downstairs to the wading pool to chill off! so much cleaner than the old in vivocity ok, no children’s pee because the place is watched by a hawk of a security guard.

i am so proud of my photog skillz HAHA


again, it takes skill and impeccable timing 😉

favourite of the day ❤

i love Saturdays like that! rare but all the more meaningful! (:


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