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ritz has got to be the best buy of the entire year, besides the iPhone.

the stupid rain foiled our plans to picnic at ecp and study- yes an ingenious location to mug at, but i’m sure would have been just as effective albeit for bad posture and back pains the next day. so instead, we chilled at Toby’s Dessert Asylum at Parkway Parade, some kind of NYDC-alike place.

but not before some good ol' chikin rice for lunch from parkway hawker centre! just look at the oil oozing all over...

do not understand shit

LOOK AT THIS CAKE! haha it's called Spiky D and it's made up of chocolate and durian! the perfect combination (: and it feels so smooth when you bite into it. just melts in your mouth ❤

well this Toby’s Dessert Asylum place is pretty good actually! they have a teatime special from 2 to 6pm every mon to fri, and its only $8 for any slice of cake and any tea/coffee from the whole range of tea/coffee selections! definitely will be back for more of Spiky D! and not just Spiky D actually, they have alot of other yummy desserts omg can slowly try (:

hee hee, not bad, we sat there for 3 hours and i managed to finish my jap studies reading (boring as hell), patho and pharmaco revision ((: on track to hitting my first class target!

later on, when the weather was better,

i throw my hands up in the air sometimes~!

taken with the landscape mode!

and with the aperture fully opened to emphasize the onychomycotic toe!!!

idk what this was for. but the b&w is very cool!

sepia effects! which i discovered accidentally hahaha

can’t wait to bring it to marina barrage this Saturday!! WEATHER PLEASE BEHAVE!!

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