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goodbye to unnecessary camwhoring, unless i develop strong enough biceps

i was up till 2am last night reading up on all the camera jargons, learning how to make use of aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and so on, to take awesome photos! this was after i had decided i was going to buy a dslr. intially, i thought of getting the Canon G11, which is a semi-pro camera. but after i found out that the costs are quite similar (dslr – $708, g11 – $703), what the heck, i might as well buy the dslr.

the difference between a pro and semipro camera is that the latter’s lens cannot be upgraded. so yes, to cater for the event that i finally master the full range of dslr functions, and decide to go for the more complex stuff, i’d do better with the real dslr.

my mum got a special price for me from the shop at Sim Lim Square that sells KKH cameras for use the operating theatres. IT fair sells it at $799 with free bag, tripod and screen protector. i got mine for $713 with uv filter for the lens, screen protector and bag. dont need a tripod for now- i’m not going to be one of those idiots on the train with it.


wanted to test the shutter speed hahaha, sorry about the wasting water!

haha the irony of the object in focus. anw this is taken with the aperture fully opened! cool blurring effect right!

that’s all for now folks! i’m itching to bring Ritz to school tomorrow to test him out! so until then!

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