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second buffet in a week!

and a repeat buffet, at Carousel, so i don’t really want to go into the details of it all! just to mention the couple of things i didn’t get to eat the last time and got to eat now!

ALOT OF SASHIMI!!!! and the octopus sushi at the end, which ran out the last time i was there ):

a whole serving of spagetti Aglio Olio! oh, how i have missed you since the last time! the thing on the right is pita bread, that i sacrificed some stomach room for because it's really good!

hee hee! but other than that, the crab sucked today ): so stale

yummy mango pudding!

no idea what this is, but tastes like apple crumble pudding! the best dessert shot among the lot!

the yellow/orange fruit on the top of the choc mousse was DISGUSTING! i spat it out because it was so bitter and totally ruining the taste!

again, another example of a deceiving dish: pretty on the outside, but completely weird in your mouth. the cake is coffee-flavoured. but with fruits?! eww

ok i really need to tan...

today was an early lunch celebration of my mum’s birthday, which is tomorrow. so that means tomorrow i’m also having yummy food for dinner! (: thats something to look forward to after the end of disgusting school!

at night, i went to watch the NDP fireworks, a 4 year old tradition since i first watched it when i was 18! we tried to sneak into the free chillout place at Swissotel Equinox, but they cleverly cordoned it off. ugh, then the bars (although affordable) were facing the wrong direction, and thus would not be able to offer the splendid view of the fireworks. the maître d was very apologetic about being fully booked and could no offer us a prime seating location. haha her service skillz super awesome because she was not the least bit patronizing to a bunch of kids (ok i won’t refer to myself as this from Sept onwards) who were underdressed, and most unlikely to ever dine at the equinox just because we wanted a view of the fireworks.

no matter! we just went downstairs to outside Raffles City and got a perfectly unobstructed view of the fireworks display from there, for free, and not so squeezy either! (:

dd #1 😀

the train ride back, however, was suffocating. first time circle line so packed la, people just want to siam the other mrt lines so they take the yellow line, and deprive me of a seat until serangoon -.-

on a bitter note, I HATE NUS! WHY START SO EARLY! WHY CANNOT TAKE 10 AUG OFF TO PLAY LIKE ALL THE OTHER SCHOOL CHILDREN AND UNI STUDENTS!!! WHYYYY! and why you dont let me celebrate my mummy’s bday )):

ah well, goodbye holidays, and hello to a brand new semester of hardcore mugging!


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