in-di-an, we all move on

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shaun’s useful food research landed us at another exotic eatery right smack in the middle of Thomson road! one that i didn’t even know existed! but excusable, because i’m not exactly very familiar with north indian cuisine.

the place is called Dawaat Tandoori, and it’s a couple of shops down Wee Nam Kee Chicken rice, and right next to the Parker korean restaurant.

being complete noobs, shaun did most of the ordering. and frankly, i dont know exactly what i put into my mouth. i only know the Garlic Naan, which is yummy! and Tandoori Chicken of course, goes damn well with the naan. ok i really have no idea what the rest are. but i remember one which had spinach (ronald pronounced it as spi-narch, like monarch LOL) and cheese cubes. kenny, the pseudo lactose-intolerant, stayed far away from the suspicious-looking cubes despite shaun tricking everyone, at first, that it was tofu.

ronald the lobster asking shaun whether he can eat rice with his fingers

attendance rate far from impressive, but its the company that counts! 😀

later on we bought a 6 pack from the nearby shop and save, and headed to shaun’s condo, a couple of metres away for monopoly deal! somehow or other, we always end up having to play it in very dark places. and it’s absolutely challenging to try and differentiate red from pink. at one point in time, ronald used a brown/blue rent card to charge us rent for his orange property. but then again, i think that is an isolated ronald incident. most of us arent that blind.

eventually we got bored and decided to play indian poker with the money cards from monopoly deal. LOL! the person with the highest number has to drink that equivalent number of sips of beer. a great game when you have so much beer and individuals unwilling to partake in the harmless act of alcohol consumption.

but we could not get ronald to drink. he’d rather drink pool water when it was his turn to do the penalty sipping, than a new bottle of Corona.

act only..

red hair ftw!

we went home when there was no more beer left. hahaha i walked home 3/4 sober and quite defenseless should anybody spring an attack on me on the quiet walk back. luckily, i made it back safely despite the recent news that there had been numerous reports of snatch thieving in the estate.

ugh have a hacking cough now and constant nausea from mucosolvan. this is my last chance to lose weight before the upcoming week of 4 buffets for 3 different birthday celebrations.

on the other hand, I CAN’T WAIT!!! pictures of food will be up tml from the first buffet!


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