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i love the month of august because there are so many B days! and you know what else starts with B? BUFFETS! and this year seems to be leading in terms of buffets i’ve been to.

i suppose being a kid doesn’t really make much sense to be brought to a buffet. first of all, kids tend to be annoyingly fussy with food. and lack attention span to try every single dish. being 21, however, means being having a higher metabolic rate than you in 10 years time. plus, no need to worry about cholesterol, diabetes, or hemorrhoids just yet. so this is the best time in life to enjoy a good buffet.

today, we tried the English Afternoon Tea at Cafe L’espresso, Goodwood Park Hotel

imagine scones and tea

the lovely thing about Goodwood Park hotel is that the entire place is so authentically colonial. Cafe L’espresso itself is located right next to the swimming pool, with furniture that looks a century old but very well maintained of course. the service staff are all dressed in oldschool uniforms and have impeccable manners. overall, the whole place really brings you back into another era. very quaint!

hi-tea buffet starts at 2 all the way to 530pm, from monday to thursday. for fridays, there are two seatings. one is at 12 to 230 and the other is 3 to 530pm i think. gotta go check out their website.

how much? $34 per pax. with gst and service charge, it comes up to $40 per pax. ok la, not cheap. but when you see the quality and quantity of the spread, you’ll find that it’s actually quite worth it!

1/5 of the entire spread. and the yummiest section of the lot!

the drink menu

everyone gets 2 servings of drinks. and you can choose hot tea, hot coffee or ice drinks. the hot stuff looked more exciting so i chose both my drinks from there. usually i’m a cold coffee/tea person, so why not try something new?

for tea, i had Vanilla Ceylon. the Vanilla essence was pretty strong, very nice!

round 1: my plate looked like this

can you see them caviar bits??? aiya but caviar is overrated, it tastes exactly like orange fish roe in sushi

the sandwiches, dunno what exactly was inside because the labels don't correlate, but FREAKING NICE! btw, the thing on the right is foie gras, another overrated thing that tastes like mush

the BEST kueh pie tee in the whole wide world!!!

i seriously don’t know what they put in there, but it’s definitely not your usual kueh pie tee! the shell is so cripsy, it’s like they pumped it with steroids or something! i had two, and would’ve had more, if not for the nausea i felt from stuffing myself silly.

om nom nom!

the famous mango prawn croissant: prawns are damn fresh and the mango is super sweet. it was like my tastebuds went to heaven and came back again

first time carving my own cheese from the cheese station- extremely noob. hey but it's not bad tasting! i shall not avoid the cheese section at buffets from now on

the array of desserts

the raspberry teeny cake on the extreme left is the best. sweet and sour, with just the right kind of balance to avoid the feeling of jelat-ness. the chocolate teeny cake next to it is extremely good. it’s like ferrero rocher all smashed up and turned into a cake! the yellow shotglass contains mango, but not pudding. it was some soury mango milk thingy, not very nice leh. the other shotglass i didn’t try cos jeremy said it was blueberry, yucks!

oh yes. at buffets, you must always beware of the things that are the most elaborately decorated, because they are usually the worst-tasting. just like how in real life, most people are usually only smart, hot or nice, a combination of two, but rarely all three together.


quail egg tart with a slice of tomato and two other weird-tasting things

wtf hahaha!!!! inside is some weird cream that i can't quite place but i know i've eaten it somewhere before and hated it

hahah this, however, was very good:

the sourness of the strawberry helped me stomach the fruit tart despite being full to the brim. the mango was very very sweet too! but then again, i love anything with mango in it!

buffet regrets were not trying the bread and butter pudding, which is reviewed in hungrygowhere as one of the best in Singapore ): next time i must do my research properly and prioritize the best first and leave the pretty-but-actually-gross foods to the end. efficient!


btw, don’t order the traditional iced coffee. Singaporeans buay hiao drink one. it tastes damn weird on its own, and even worse after adding sugar and milk HAHA!

instead, be smart like me and order the Hazelnut Cafe! it was super shiok, and it definitely woke me up from the afternoon sleepiness. was extra extra sleepy cos of the glucose high- i was starving myself the entire morning, and because i was so excited for today i hardly slept at all.

successful birthday surprise! 😀

after the buffet we were so full, walking felt so torturous!! so we decided to chill at the 70th floor of swissotel! great view, comfy chairs, what more could you ask for?

of course MBS view still pwns. but well, free anw, so no complaints!

very useful ASOS dress! handy when you fracture your arm and have no available sling nearby!

can put handphone and camera into the sling while clubbing also!

hahaha the silly things we do when it's time to hipxiong




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  2. hi,

    i came across your site while searching for goodwood park’s english tea. have not tried it and your photos sealed the deal. looking forward to having tea there soon. since i am starting to dabble in photography, i am considering getting a canon g11, how do you find the dslr camera you got?


    • hey! yes the goodwood park’s buffet is one of the most value-for-money that i know of so far! and with good quality food as well! (: hope you’ll enjoy it too!

      i think having a dslr has better advantages in the long run than a g11. i don’t think the g11 (powershot series) will be able to give you the depth of functions than the EOS series of dslrs. plus, the expansion in terms of lens and stuff would work alot better with a dslr compared to the g11. dslr is a better investment because its a pro camera! why settle for semi pro when you can get a pro camera at almost the same price! (:

      but then again, i’m not very sure so it’s best if you go check it out too!

      hope that helped!

      • hi,

        which dslr model did you get? been going to a few buffets lately. somehow the fave is Carousel….for now ;p
        Straits Kitchen at Hyatt has various stations of local delights and i find the food good especially the Indian fare. have you tried The Line at Shangri-La? that is on my list of must try too….
        have a lovely weekend.


      • i have the EOS 1000D, the most basic dslr model! the smaller the numbers of the model, the more pro it is haha

        nope i haven’t tried the Line, but hoping to do so once i save up! it’s really expensive!! :S

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