all curled up

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i’m feeling so sick and feverish i just want to curl up somewhere and never wake up.

quite lucky that the flu bug only hit me after 6 weeks of work, i can’t imagine having to tahan impossibly long work hours while also being sick.

anyway this is the first monday in a long long time that i had nothing to do once again. i was feeling itchy and so i decided to dye my hair.

before that, i was waiting for my turn at lasik surgery clinic, for my third and final review. the wait was especially long because there were so many people- all want to have perfect vision right before national day weekend to see fireworks lolol. and i was watching the ch 5 national science challenge rerun on their massive plasma tv overhead. then there was this super chio pan-asian host trying very hard to blend into a show that is meant for nerds. but nvm that, all that caught my attention was her beautifully curled locks! the exact length of hair and amount of curl i want! all on top of her pretty little head!

so i decided to dye And curl my hair.

4 hours later, and $345 broker, my hair is a lion’s mane. i realised curls seriously not easy to maintain. i had the impression that all i needed to endure was that 4 hours and i’d have perfect curls every single day. but omg you have to twist and twist and twist to get the curls to stay, you cannot comb your hair, your hair is ultra dry and knotty but cannot comb no matter what, and have to buy like a thousand hair products to maintain.

regret? a little. but i must say it’s a nice change for now, super sick of having stick straight hair for a whole 21 years.

no pictures yet until i figure out how to tame the curls until they look snsd-worthy.


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