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if ever one day you were to have $500 and not know what to do with it, i’d suggest you book a room at Marina Bay Sands and bathe in the luxury of one of the world’s most expensive hotels.

on the other hand, if you are poor, like me, living on $5 a day of poverty allowance by Guardian. you can probably save up 4 days worth of pay to afford the $20 skypark entrance ticket instead.

the MBS skypark is located on the 56th, and topmost floor of the building. it’s basically where most of the hotel amenities are located. there is the famous infinity pool, The only pool in the world that you can actually die from if you climb up the wrong edge of the pool. hahahah jk, there is a safety ledge at the bottom of the “infinite” end to prevent people from accidentally falling off.

it is, however, the largest pool found 200 metres up in the sky. such a ridiculous altitude also means it’s probably mother-cold when you are dressed in nothing but a bigini.

there are also restaurants which haven’t been opened to the public yet. but i wouldn’t be too concerned, since the money spent there can probably be used to book a hotel room for myself in the first place.

the public observation deck gives you the sensation that you’re on a cruise ship, except the sea is far far far below. of course, like any Singapore attraction, it is 100% safe and suicide- or idiot-proof. glass panels up to chest height prevent you from doing anything funny. and above that are thick wires to prevent you from sticking your head out either. the only thing you can lose is while being geh kiang and trying to take a photo with your camera dangling outside.

this is called Kiang. camera sticking out but at least tightly strapped to my wrist

the helix bridge leading to MBS

i digress to talk about the helix bridge, the one you have to cross before you reach MBS. it’s pretty cool because it’s designed to resemble a DNA double helix. and on the floor are actual ATCG symbols but no idea what they code for. perhaps the merlion’s DNA code har dee har. but honestly i can’t imagine which living thing’s DNA code is worthy enough to be inscribed on the bridge. ah meng?!

entrance of the shoppe-ing centre lol

this a hugeass echo bowl that they put in the front of the MBS shop-pies centre. yea, over here they must be damn action and name the place ‘SHOPPES‘. i never knew wtf ‘shoppe’ was until i it and it says

–noun: shop (used chiefly for quaint effect)

action only….

anyway the brilliant scientific architecture of the huge echo bowl has unfortunately been mistaken as an empty wishing fountain that receives countless of coins by idiots who try to aim for the hole in the middle. first of all, there’s such a thing called Golf. second of all, the hole in the middle is purposed to collect rainwater. the water drips down and collects in a real fountain below.

the bowl, in fact, is designed such that when you speak, even while standing a metre away from it, the person on the other end is able to hear you pretty damn loud and clear. that’s how i eavesdropped on those bunch of idiots who had decided amongst themselves that this is a wonderful wishing well, and were fishing their wallets for coins to toss in.

must have some sort of educational sign for ignorant people… MBS already makes 9735923792 times the monetary amount of coins you throw in by selling a single hotel room. your coins have better use in tip boxes of NTUC cashiers.

anyway, back to the 56th floor! btw, tickets for the skypark are located in Tower 3 of the hotel. abit difficult to navigate around the huge place la but the signs are pretty useful in guiding the way!

brilliant view from the top

now comes the highlight of the day: THE INFINITY POOL

this is the life, i tell you...


this is an ingenious way of tanning because you will never feel hot!!! although probably gotta read your books in ziplock bags or whatever. but with a view this awesome, you don’t need reading material.

however, the sucky thing about being rich enough to swim in this pool (usage of the pool is complimentary to hotel guests. who are obviously rich enough to afford a room there), is that you are subjected to the stares of hundreds of visitors of the skypark. imagine, you pay $400 to use the pool. people pay $20 to go up and oggle at you. hahaha bloody uncomfortable la! i was perving at this super hot angmoh in a bikini. the rest there very cmi…

thus, the moral of the story is: you must work hard to get a super hot body before going up to swim in the infinity pool of MBS.

not without a self-timer shot!

i will definitely be back, one way or the other.

my theory is that money can always be earned back, but life experiences can’t. and swimming in an infinity pool 200 metres in the air is definitely going onto my bucket list. i’d jump at the chance to go now even though it costs a bomb. but i’m going to wait until the hype dies down and not so many people go up the skypark to oggle at the awesomeness of the pool first.


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