a party of plaid

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kaye invited us to her magnificent mansion for yet another party! i have a theory that if i were to ever own and live in such a big house, i’d have parties every frigging week like they do in 90210. minus the annoying whiny tweens..

look like some posh hotel's courtyard right!!

the view of her pool and balcony never fails to amaze me each time i go over. this time, there were round tables and chairs neatly arranged at the pool side. just imagine, a hotel tries to rip you off for $50 a head for a simple catered dinner for 50 pax by their poolside. over here, kaye does it for a fraction of the price in a FOC venue. hahaha!! sounds like i’m advertising the space for weddings. but really kaye, if you are ever short on cash, it can be a lucrative option 😉

btw the theme was plaid. and because i absolutely resent it, i came as ‘plain’! hahaha i did get a plaid scrunchy from sinma, but as you know, scrunchies are omgfugly and i refuse to tie my hair with it. so wear it around my waist i did! i actually bought a plaid shawl from pull and bear for $20, but it was wayyy too warm to be wearing that thing around. so i chucked it in my bag after awhile and forgot about the need to appear plaid altogether. i did bring a plus one dressed in plaid though, so that’s gotta count for something LOL

who's the odd one out, i wonder?

the pharmacy people pooled $$ together to get kaye a guitar! pwns any kind of birthday gift she could probably ever receive for a good ten years at least. now we can finally film the silly music videos we’ve always wanted to do for the longest time since the infamous Hot and Cold spoof.

kaye’s birthday cake was really good too! MANGO, my favourite! haha we sure did enjoy receiving yummy cake from suelynn’s yummy new friend. HAHA

1 month and 5 days more to my birthday!!!! so excited i cannot wait. i got my lipsy dress when melly came back and it’s the stuff of my superficial clothes-dreams! every day i’m itching to put it on, but i know i have to save it for the special occasion.

today is also the last monday i’ll ever be working in Guardian ): i’m sad, yet happy? ok mostly sad because i don’t want school to start.

but definitely happy that i’m finally getting my life back. no more trainings at Tampines HQ. DID YOU KNOW that it takes the same amount of time for me to travel to Tampines as it is for me to travel to Changi Airport? crazy far la! and i swear it was not my fault that i was dozing off for training today, having had so little sleep the night before. i just dozed off for FIVE WHOLE SECONDS, and ended up being picked on repeatedly for the rest of the 1.5 hours. I HEARD THE QUESTIONS OK, I JUST DIDN’T KNOW THE ANSWERS! and i wouldn’t have known them even if i were high on caffeine and wide awake listening. ugh super sucky day…

alrighty! off to sleep because work starts at 10am tml!


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  1. dear you had the scrunchies around your wrist not your waist that night.


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