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it’s 1am an i should be sleeping but i just discovered an amazing new free app for iPhone, and also another one of those brainwashing propaganda to convert iPhone haters.

it’s called Price Pal:

what it does, is it uses the simple technology of your iPhone camera, scans the barcode of any product (groceries, books or petrol), and then tells you how much it is, where to buy it, the place that it’s cheapest at, and reviews (mostly for books) by other users.

at first i was quite doubtful about the ability of an ordinary iPhone camera to be able to scan barcodes. it was like how i was cheated by the Text and Walk app, which supposedly makes the background of your texting page the camera screen. this way, when you text, you can keep a lookout of whatever that’s in front of you without having to look up and down. but wtf fake one lor, didn’t even work -.-

step 1: align the barcode of the item with the little box

wait for it to auto-focus and then you will hear a 1 second long beep sound, which indicates that the barcode is being detected and scanned.

results of the search. in this case, i scanned the book Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell (fucking boring btw, i gave up reading already) and it tells me the lowest price of the book, although this one never say where it is that has the lowest price. i think it’s more accurate and informative for groceries.

reviews of the book, but i dunno who write one…nonetheless, useful if you are considering whether to buy it! my personal review is: please do not waste money on this book. go library and borrow better.

hahah i bet you’ll go scanner-happy with this app. i spent 10 minutes going around my house looking for things to scan LOL!

i wonder what GAB means.

of course, i don’t suppose the database is extensive enough. it mostly seems to cover only the big chain supermarkets, but not so much products in Guardian and Watsons. so sad, i thought i’d be able to whip out my cool technology and help a lazy customer check the price of a product.


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