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well for the first time, the reviewers were quite unanimous and accurate about this movie. Inception certainly did not fail to disappoint!

first of all, the storyline and plot was extremely clever and ingenious. it’s complexity is wayyy beyond the movie and even at the end of all the explanations and examples of how an inception works, there are simple way too many rules and senarios for an average person to be able to comprehend thoroughly. but that’s the beauty of it. it provokes your mind and makes you want to find out more, possibly wondering if such a thing is true in real life.

as best as i can, let me summarize the concept of an Inception:

an inception is the idea that you can enter a person’s dream, interact with them such that when they wake up from the dream, the assumption is that they will make decisions in real life that are motivated by their subconscious. of course, dream-entering can have many other purposes. one of which is to enter someone’s subconscious, where it is said to store the majority of his deepest darkest secrets, extract the useful information and attempt to blackmail him.

the tricky part of dream-entering is that the dreamer’s subconscious consist of people, who are called projections, of his mind. these are simply characters in the person’s dream. but anyone who tries to penetrate the dream is like a virus to the body’s immune system, the projections eventually recognize that you are a foreign object, and they will try to kill you. projections are normally not as sharp, because they don’t seem to be able to react until a long while later. thus, most dream-entering missions are usually successfully completed within that time.

as an added protection, the team of dream-penetrators usually contain the architect. the architect designs the dream in such a way that it is a maze. the main idea is to hinder the movement of the projections when they eventually try to get rid of the penetrators. the maze usually uses the idea of a paradox. i can’t quite explain a paradox except in the form of a never-ending staircase, one in which you can run and run and run but you never stop running in circles. the architect tells the plan to the dreamer, who then creates it.

another complication to this rule is that the dreamer is not always the person you want to steal secrets from, since the dreamer and the architect are usually in cahoots. the victim of the operation is called the subject. the dreamer creates the place but may not populate it with his projections. the subject (or subjects), instead, will populate the dream with his own projections. and that is where you gain access into his mind. bloody confusing la this part i’m also not so sure…

there are two ways to exit a dream. one is if you are made to fall from a great height in real life. something about the inner ear detecting a sudden and rapid change in movement – basically the force of a fall, and jolts you wide awake. for example, if someone tips your chair backwards while you’re sitting on it. the second way to exit a dream is if you are killed in it.

however, it gets more complicated when you bring in the concept of a dream within a dream. say a group of individuals follow the dreamer into his dream. within that dream, they can select another individual to be the second dreamer, and induce themselves into another dream belonging to the latter. at any dream stage, the person that stays behind is usually the dreamer. in that way, he can be there to guard the sleeping bodies (from the murderous projections) who have already been transported to the second dream level. he is also usually the one who gives them the jolt to return back to that dream stage.

upon entering each dream stage, time is exponentially delayed. so 5 minutes in real life equates to approx 15 minutes worth of dreams, and so on. this kind of makes sense, because even though you may have only been dreaming for a minute, you would’ve eaten two whole pieces of popiah for at least 5 minutes in your dream.

and the other thing is that in that futuristic age, is that certain individuals have undergone training to militarize their subconscious. the purpose of this is to protect national secrets, business secrets, or the likes. think president, CEO, rich business man’s heir, cap 5 student, etc. so they will learn to create projections who are armed bodyguards in their dreams. or even better, they will be able to recognize that their dreams are being invaded while being the subject of their own dream. so like tonight when i am dreaming, and i see all these little sneaky rats trying to pick my brains on what mod im going to bid next sem, i will be able to kill them fast enough before they get the info they need.

hahahah jk la 😉

of course, there are much more details to the plot. things like being stuck in limbo- when you are killed while being in a sedative-induced dream and get sent to a place where you don’t know whether you are truly dreaming or in real life.

i am simply in awe of the complexity in which one person so carefully designed for a movie. seriously pwns the 10 year effort James Cameron put in for Avatar la. i wish they had a book for it, i would totally buy!!! GO AND WATCH INCEPTION!!!!! it definitely trumps all the other movies i watched this year. toy story 3 huh wassat???

btw joseph gordon-levitt is super cute! ❤ rob pattinson who??? hahahah no no just keeding, my pattinson-love will never die.


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