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this is the busiest i’ve been since school ended.

for the past 3 weeks, i’ve been surviving 11 hour work days and miserable off days that are usually not enough for my aching legs and feet to recover. i end up waking up every morning with sore muskles, and a diminishing willpower to drag myself to work.

only recently did they revert my working hours to the normal individual’s 8 hour work shift. so i get to go home with a considerable amount of time to relax every day. and i get my weekends off like a normal person. you won’t believe how tragic it feels to be on my way to work, while everyone is in their sunday’s slacks and enjoying the day off at AMK hub.

today was exceptional because i had to counsel a customer who was both deaf and dumb. it’s only by working in the service industry that you gain exposure to so many people from different walks of life. and today was the first time i had to use a post-it pad, a pen, and hand gestures to communicate with someone.

it’s definitely difficult la. but the thing about it, is that instructions would be unlikely misinterpreted because they are all written down. a normal person with his/her five senses intact usually lacks the quality of patience. and often, they end up using the medication wrongly because they don’t remember what you tell them. by taking the time to read what i write out, the D&M customer seemed to show a better understanding than others, who are often quick to dismiss me with patronizing replies, just so they can get the medicine and leave.

and being in the service industry also means having to keep a straight face when the strange people show up, when lewd old men make inappropriate remarks but think they are very funny, when some guy keeps (strategically) looking at your name tag 3 times in a span of a 10 second enquiry about some ‘Win a Harley Davidson’ contest.

also, also! my spoken Chinese has improved considerably!!! hahaha before, i never saw the need to speak it since everyone around me understood English perfectly well. but here, i think i end up speak Chinese just as much as English because sooo many people can’t speak English at all! despite being very sputtery and zao xia when it comes to stringing together a coherent sentence, i’m quite certain my message gets across 80% of the time 😀

although, one day, someone came and asked for contraceptive pills. but because she said it in chinese, and i had no idea what she was saying! so i asked her ‘What is it for?‘, and omg the poor woman’s face turned red….

but i have the three magic words drilled into my head now:

BI(4) YUN(4) YAO(4)

oh and i realized that some people are simply so spoon fed that you have to teach them everything. so far i’ve taught people how to use a thermoscan thermometer, ovulation test kit, pregnancy test kit, and a bedside urine bottle, just by looking at the box description or plain guesswork.

ok i’m tired of talking about work. i’m just glad that i won’t be doing retail pharmacy when i graduate. 6 weeks is more than enough..


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