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home-cooked rosti

carrefour was selling packets of DIY rosti along their pasta shelf, so we decided to have a go and see how our cooking skillz have improved.

unfortunately, the seemingly easy-to-make rosti turned out to be a bitch to cook because it was packed as a rectangular piece!! but the picture on the back of the packet clearly indicates a round-shaped rosti, so we thought that it was possible to disintegrate the rectangular slab of potato and then form a circle shape with the pieces, that will automatically stick together afterwards.

hahah i was not doing any work really. just occasionally stabbing at the slab of potato in the pan and willing it to stick together magically. eye power works 😉

the end product turned out pretty good though! however, it isn’t as thin as marche’s, so the middle layers were less crispy because the heat couldn’t get inside. but the whole meal for 2 persons worked out to be half the price of a ridiculously overpriced rosti + sausage at either marche or shokudo. very economical indeed! 😀

ahhh but i most certainly enjoyed my 6 day break from work. haha but it’s back to slavery tomorrow ):


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