unexpected reunions

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kenny invited us to his smashin’ 21st birthday party yesterday evening at Heritage View condo, which is the one behind ACJC a seemingly popular choice for senior-junior interaction parties, class gatherings and other random social activities of acjc kids. at least when the majority of us weren’t legal for clubs yet.

acutally, we did kinda crashed his twin brother’s birthday party, because there were only like less than 20 of us, and a never ending stream of the brother’s friends. and kenny seemed to have been out-competed tragically when it comes to the guy-girl ratio of his party guestlist vs his brother’s. haha and poor kenny never gets wingman-ed by his brother despite the extensive black book of girl-friends that the latter has.

the funny thing about kenny’s twin brother, though, is that he’s a fraternal twin brother. and really, this is like a big thing for me because kenny is the first person i know who has a fraternal twin. and my goodness, having a normal twin is so yesterday! a fraternal twin is so much more awesome! his brother really really really looks NOTHING like kenny. the moment we all entered the function room, the first question was, ‘so where is your brother?‘. and then one by one, we’d take turns to gasp in shock and swivel our heads rapidly from kenny to xavier to look for any sort of similarity that would explain the reason why they’re both related and celebrating the same birthday.

i must imagine kenny gets quite sick of it after 21 years, but whatever, they’re really the most unexpected pair of twins i’ve ever seen in my life!

while waiting for the rest to come, we seemed to be observing kenny’s other bunch of friends who were across the room. and one guy was making all these balloon art thingies, you know the kind you hire at children’s parties, and yes how that is an ironic thing to see at a 21st birthday party.

very amazing right? i could never do balloon art cos i am scared of the threatening squeaky sounds that balloons make!

we dared shaun to wear this all the way until he gets home but humji fellow wasn't up to the challenge

and then while we were marveling at all these wonderful creations, kenny came along and said that his friend made this for me:

it's real cute right?

until i spotted this...

nice try lol. and btw, i took the ladybug home cos it was cute okay, not because i wanted to keep the number secretely or anything.

after the lady bug, there was this huge ass heart-shaped balloon that got sent to our table again. call it creativity and good improvisation, you know, instead of sending alcoholic drinks over to get the girl, it’s balloon art instead. but ha ha, sorry….

i could finally relax when balloon boy went home after the party. it was very unnerving to be playing monopoly deal and checking every 5 minutes that the cupid wings he just made weren’t going to make it’s way over to me on his back.

we headed to kenny’s house, a short walk away, to watch the Germany VS Argentina match. i was supporting Germany all the way yo! but refused to waste money on silly things like betting -.- although come to think of it now, i should’ve hahaha. kenny’s very cool parents bought beer for us omg but i kept the limit at 1 cup because for some strange reason i was already starting to get a little bit tipsy after that. omg i suck now.

thanks for inviting me kenny! i had so much fun catching up with everyone, although i really still can’t believe zk showed up! hahaha hope the dslr photos find it’s way to facebook soon!


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