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okay nah, i was lying.

frankly i find that, other than the first movie, the twilight films fail to properly encapsulate the intensity of the romance that is conveyed in the novels. perhaps, because the books are written in first-person, and alot of time can be spent fully developing the character’s feelings, spread out over many many pages.

for example, the scene where Bella pleads with Jacob to kiss her goes on and on for at least 5 pages hahaha!! the kiss itself has a full two-page description. but in movie, it is so easy to misinterpret the short 3 minute long snog for a careless slip by Bella (ugh, slut) hahaha.

but i suppose with the movies targeted at the majority of the audience who are already fans of the books, not much effort is needed to deal with every single detail. it’s a sad thing actually, considering the Harry Potter films do pay considerable attention to detail. and if they can’t fit it in, they just omit it entirely or change the story lol. but at least it completes the story better than just loose details.

ah well but the hardcore twilight addict in me still liked it anyway. pattinson was amazing, as always. there is this unspoken charm about him that only a select few can understand. he may not have the most perfect features, or the hottest body (as lautner so clearly points out repeatedly- the boy needs Clothes, seriously…), but charisma makes up for it all the time (:

haha the director put a considerable amount of emphasis on filming close-up of the vampire faces this time around. unfortunately, it only revealed the flaws in the make-up artists’ skills because there so many instances of missing patches of foundation, or cracks in the thick cake of white on their faces. also, somehow they seem to have browner regions around the eyes. because they can’t put the foundation too close to the sensitive eye area, or an intentional effort to create some sort of silhouette around the eyes, i’m not sure. but it doesn’t match the book description of the vampires as being flawless and perfect. haha even Jacob has a smoother complexion than most of the vampires!

most intense scene, and one of the best too!

haha it really takes alot to carry off a romance scene like that in which people are gonna watch and wish that their lives were like that too. i mean, you cant possibly recreate this in singapore can you! botanic gardens will never allow you to simply rest your butt on such beautiful flora, much less make out on it. confirm kenna STOMP the next day!

couple behaves inappropriately in the middle of a family picnic location

the movie was approx 2 hours long. and they were very strict about recording devices at the premiere. we had to deposit our handphones and cameras at the start of the movie, which was a bitch because you had to queue everywhere!! there was a queue to deposit, another queue to get into the free-seating cinema at Bugis Lido, and a queue at the toilet. wtf was so ticked off when their super thorough bag-checker found my camera. wah lao eh, even bag-check at zouk not so strict lor. only 1 out of 6 times then kenna made to dispose of the water in my water bottle. crazy one…like real i got so much time to record the movie and then burn midnight oil just to upload it online when i go home. even if i manage to accomplish that, which idiot will go and take the time to download the movie when it already starts showing the next morning at all cinemas island- and world-wide?!

argh by the time the movie ended, we had to rush off to zouk to rescue suelynn and co from getting alcohol poisoning from the huge bottle of Bacardi they bought. hahaha it was funny because by the time we got there, everyone was high already. it took me only 2 cups of Bacardi + abit of coke for flavouring to get high, tolerance is nothing like before lol!

haha the night was pretty dramatic though. seriously one i’ll never forget for a long time to come. it’s funny how, out of the top 5 dramatic clubbing nights in my life, top 2 happened at zouk.

my legs were gg-ed by the time we decided to leave at 4am. last night was also the first time i actually heard good music in Phuture continuously. but i still hate it because it’s sardine-packed like hell, enough rubbing bodies and puke puddles to send a germaphobe into convulsions.

downing very bad-tasting liquid...

ah anyway, it was indeed a well-spent ‘weekend’, back to work tml!


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