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nothing much to say and not much time to write about it anyway. hahaha in summary, the past week has been the most physically tiring one for me in a long long time. 11 hours a day at work is no joke, and even worse when it’s back to back for 2 or 3 days in a row.

i was at the peak of my fatigue today, especially since it was also the first day of my period. imagine having to be on your feet, and still tolerate the cramping agony of uterine contractions.

being stubborn, i refused to get a box of panadol menstrual, because normally i’d cope fine at home or in school without them. but eventually when i started to feel faint, i popped my emergency supply of paracetamol. ah but i still had to wait at least an hour for the pain-relieving effect to set in. so i was breaking out into cold sweat and trying my best to look normal despite just wanting to collapse right there and then.

well but after i got some glucose into my system at the 3 plus lunch break, (oh ya btw my lunch is now at 3pm and dinner at 9pm, crazy!) i felt muchhh better.

ah but never again….next time i’ll remember to schedule panadol menstrual in the morning even before the cramps set in.

anyway, preceptorship is a real eye opener. you meet so many people from different walks of life. of course, there are the very (normal) nice and polite people, and those that are the complete opposite- which puzzles me when i try to comprehend how people like them have the logic that you are obligated to help them Despite their rudeness. and my supply of empathy runs low when i’m tired, in pain from standing all day, and am severely underpaid. so, i get away most of the time by avoiding customers like that, or cursing under my breath once they are out of sight.

other than that, i must say i do not resent the job. in fact, i enjoy the challenge of having to diagnose and dispense medicine within 10 seconds. and the little treasure hunts i have to make when customers ask for a specific product. i, however, resent the long hours and the standing. i don’t want to get piles when i’m older!!

well and the company during work is great too! Bim, the pre-reg student from Thailand is super friendly, and she’s an awesome meal buddy haha! my preceptor is also really patient and helpful every time the both of us are unsure about the location of products, which cough syrup to dispense (still freaking confuses me all the time) and just about everything else really. haha i am still pharmist noob :S

now time to retire for the night and get ready for another 10 to 10 day. visit me at AMK central guardian (the one next to KOI bubble tea)! or thats the one you want to avoid if you don’t want me finding out about what secret drugz you intend to purchse 😉


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