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3 museums in a day! plus a very brief peek into the Freemason Hall that is located next to the Singapore Philatelic Museum. but they didn’t seem very welcoming to non-Masonic visitors and most of the area were restricted to members only. however, there was a restaurant in the area that was permitted to visitors. i found it rather odd though. the foreboding and mysterious ambience hardly seems suitable for a comfortable dining experience.

at the Singapore Philatelic Museum, we only hung around the souvenir shop because, frankly, i don’t really give a shit about stamp collection. when i was younger though, my mum tried to get my to like the hobby by buying all these random collectible stamp sets to slip into my album. but eventually it became pointless because we both found it uninteresting and a mere money-sucking hobby.

jeremy managed to find the little mould thing that makes an impression on a wax seal though! it comes with a block of red candle so you can diy your own wax seals at home with your initial on the seal. how ancient, and cool!

next to the Freemason Hall is the civil defence heritage museum, also another museum that offers free entry, otherwise i bet nobody will visit hahaha. unfortunately there was nothing much to do here, except posing with plastic fireman hats, and sitting in a mock fire engine. oh and we tried some silly exhibit where we had to stop a leaking valve wtf. after activating the exhibit, the both of us were just staring clueless at the valve and not knowing what the hell needed to be done. in the end, a little boy barely the height of my legs started shouting directions at us, and we figured it out. lOl!

later i met susu for a trip to the Singapore Arts Museum to visit the Realism in Asian Art exhibit. i’m going to be downright honest and say that i don’t get art in the deep way that genuine art lovers or fake pretentious people talk about. i only enjoyed the last bit where, after being inspired by Realism, you were given the ability to put your art skillz (or lack of ) to use in a series of activities.

Activity one: Self Portrait

you are given a reflective surface and a piece of transparency on top to draw a picture of yourself with felt-tip marker pens.

looks nothing like me. hahaha more like Idealism rather than Realism

Activity 2: A Family Portrait!

again the me in the picture looks nothing like me...hahaha why ah! perhaps it's because i see myself less than i see others

Activity 3: Colour the Cow

now my mum always used to scold me whenever i coloured pictures in a very realistic manner. like you know, the exact shades of colours that the things are. because the pictures always end up looking very boring and wouldn’t win me first place in a colouring competition- yes, like a pageant dog, i was always made to participate in various colouring and art competitions as a child.

so as tribute to my mum’s constant chiding:


well after that we headed around the other parts of the museum and camwhored! while we were at a deserted corridor but with great scenery, this security guard suddenly popped out of nowhere and offered to help us take a photo. and being very trusting with strangers, i agreed to let him. anyway he looked so kindly and genuine with the offer, and also we initially thought he was going to scold us or something, so the surprise that he was actually nice left me vulnerable to trusting him.

after taking the photo, he handed back the camera to me and said to us,

you all are very sexy

in a very straight face. like the way people would say ‘your garden is very beautiful‘, or ‘this art piece is very captivating‘. omg the moment he made the inappropriate comment, my face could no longer hide the shock, and also, disgust that followed shortly after.

he seemed to notice the change in our expressions and tried to divert the conversation to asking us whether we’re locals and where were we studying at. but by then we were very blatantly trying to save ourselves and escape from this very creepy person, so our answers turned out to be brusque and somewhat rude. but i hardly felt bad despite the act of kindness he showed earlier, my trust in him had slipped into the negative end of the scale.

as soon as we made the escape, we slipped into another gallery nearby, then eventually got out by another exit and went back to our camwhoring. wah lao like playing CS liddat, have to constantly be on the lookout for the idiot. true enough, while we were in the courtyard, we spotted him lurking around just 3 metres away from us in the corridor. so we took out stuff and went somewhere else again. but this time, he went back upstairs to his convenient lookout gallery and resumed peeking at us from his duty location along the corridor.


so we left SAM for good. you may think that one inappropriate comment doesn’t warrant an exaggerated bout of paranoid behaviour, but better safe than sorry i think. the weirdo is old enough to be my grandfather, and he is passing inappropriate, and sexually harassing comments at random visitors while on the job. i’m sorry, but i am definitely going to get offended by that.

should have been brave enough to look out for his name tag though..

anyway whatever, it’s over. and i’m never going back to SAM again.


was so afraid i was going to fall in haha

an awkward leap

suelynn's turn

gonna kungfu kick the pervy old man's nards if he gets too close! even viagra won't save him anymore


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