the first of 6 weeks

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having had roughly 5 hours of (traditionally) interrupted sleep before a very important day, i’m quite surprised i actually managed to last this long! at 130 am last night, in a desperate attempt to end the insomnia, i actually got out of bed to take an antihistamine for no therapeutic reason at all except to experience the side effect. hahah!! a sleeping pill would have knocked me out for another 8 hours at least and i couldnt afford to have that kind of luxurious sleep ):

at 7am i was wide awake and on my way to Tampines Guardian HQ for the orientation. my goodness, the entire journey took me 1.5 hours!!!! now i understand what it’s like for eastside homies to travel all the way to NUS just to go to school every single day. good job guys.

managed to stay awake for the very tediously draggy orientation. i was actually looking forward more to the time i officially start work at AMK. so eventually after orientation, and another 1.5 hours later, i was back at AMK to grab abit of lunch and then start my work shift from 3pm till 10pm.

my preceptor was very nice! being my first day, she didn’t want to overwhelm me, and so she simply tasked me with the job of reading up the BNF of all the different drugs that are used to treat the common ailments. basically revision of what Pharmacy Practice II module already taught us. despite a brief 6 week rest, i have already forgotten most of the stuff i’ve learnt, so i really have to put in some effort to refresh my memory as quickly as i can.

5 hours of sleep left me in constant drowsiness through the afternoon, evening and even at night. for the first time, i had so little to eat for lunch and it had to last me all the way till 8pm because that is supposedly the allocated dinner time for us. by 7 pm i was completely famished. eventually at 730pm, my preceptor caved in to my pathetic expression and let me off for dinner WHEE!

so well, now i know to eat a heavier breakfast cos lunch is only at 3pm, and dinner at 8pm. talk about dieting while working man!

other than that, i mostly enjoyed myself making friends with new people, and being able to apply all the things i’ve learnt in school to an actual practice setting. it’s so rare that you get to do that in the local education system- all the stuff that i’ve been learning in pri sch, sec sch, and jc, can hardly be applied directly to real life!

and for once, i love my job. because i’m actually doing something i’m genuinely interested in. not boring admin work that doesn’t concern me and is barely worth the $7/hr pay. although i’m only getting $5 a day (yes, its A DAY, not AN HOUR) now, i think i find more joy doing what i do now than any other normal holiday job.

ahhh and at 9pm, my preceptor ended my 12 hour long torture and decided to let me off early for the night (:

now, i’m off to have a much-deserved 2 day rest, and then back to work again on thurs and fri!


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