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as the start of preceptorship looms over my head, i’ve begin to treasure the large expanse of free time that i have now. 6 weeks have flown by so quickly and if you ask me what i’ve been doing all this time (strangely, a very common question i get from preceptorship batch 1 people), i’d be at a loss for words.

it’s not that i haven’t been doing anything (that is quite impossible unless i live in a 5 x 5m isolation cell), i have~! i’ve been doing alot of things that fit nicely into the box of things you label as ‘SEVERE BUMMIN’

i’ve read books. i went on a book-buying spree the moment exams ended to catch up on all the books i’ve been wanting to read, since any form leisure-reading time was tucked aside  for the past 4 months.

so far i’ve been though:

A Prisoner of Birth – Jeffrey Archer: the first of his series of novels that i’ve tried, and i must say, it is now one of the best books that i have ever read. storyline and character development is just bursting with substance! i recently bought Kane and Abel, another one of his books that is part of a 3 book series and i can’t wait to get started on that!

The Nanny Returns – Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus: a continuation of the first Nanny Diaries, which i enjoyed thoroughly, both book and movie despite a deep hatred for everything Scarlett Johansson. the second book wasn’t as good as the first because there were so many things going on at the same time. but eventually the authors manage to link everything to a few common themes about the upper east side society that was expressed in the first book. the language was also extremely complex! i had to app words every 5 seconds in order to understand what the sentence was trying to convey.

unfortunately, the only word i seem to have picked up from the entire book is ‘Blanch‘ because it was repeated so many times hahaha.

The thought of a 10 hour work shift made her blanch

The Lost Symbol – Dan Brown: the build up was good, just like in all Dan Brown books. i found myself being interested in Freemasonry, something i would have easily regarded as boring before. the chapters are also very short. which made it so much more captivating and exciting. but the ending turned out to be extremely anti-climatic…like it was in the Da Vinci Code. Angels and Demons still remains as my favourite Dan Brown book.

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner – Stephanie Meyer: hahahah don’t laugh. i’m an avid Twilight fan, not just because of Pattinson. my passion for the books is almost equivalent to that of the Harry Potter series. 3 days after this mini novella was released, i bought it, and took the next 3 days to devour it. it was a very short story, but it reminded me how much i miss reading the other 4 thick books, and how much i’ve forgotten what they were all about. so i went back to re-reading Eclipse, hopefully being able to finish it just in time for the 1st July release of the movie.

still have Tipping Point, The Mile-Hi! Club, Chasing Harry Winston, a sci-fi novel i borrowed from susu, and Kane and Abel to finish before the end of the longgg break!

other than reading, i’ve been watching alot of TV. Chuck season 2, 90210, and the likes.

and my once-a-week running routine, which is now defunct thanks to sheer laziness and a heap of excuses. but i intend to let a 10 hour work shift per day take over the job of toning my legs. so no losses there! hahaha

also made alot of arrangements to catch up with friends! being the only free one, i have the luxury of time and unlimited SMSes to carefully schedule meetups and outings that cater to friends’ schedule, food budget, and interests. for example, the only way to get cassy and kaye to turn up for outings is to ensure that number one: they are free, number two: food is less than $10 (priority criteria for kaye), and number 3: no shopping activity of any form is involved (priority criteria for cassy).

maybe some day, someone will pay me to be an outings coordinator..

yesterday was the last of my coordinated outings, that is, assuming my kind friends will take over once i start preceptorship. we met at clarke quay for drinks- cheap style: when you buy beer from marketplace Central, you can make use of the comfy tables and chairs provided to slowly drink and play a game of monopoly deal.

beginner’s luck was so on becky’s side, despite being inebriated from 5.5% beer, and alot of confusion with the rules of the game, she managed to win, TWICE!

drink la~! drink la~!

the combination of beers for our cheapo drinking night

R to L: Baron’s Strong Brew (YUCK YUCK YUCK), Heineken (light and relatively palatable), LOL (non-alcoholic mango juice drink that suelynn was so fascinated with LOL!), Little Creature (taste fruity but not very much to my liking either), Budweiser (most tolerable out of the lot, i think).

but we couldn’t even finish all of it! i was so sick after drinking half a bottle worth of beer. thank goodness never waste money and go to Beerfest or something.

with Lisa and Jennifer, two Canadian exchange pharmacy students who were here to do preceptorship also

since it was 1045pm by the time we were chased out of a closing marketplace, and still too early for us rebelkids to make our way home, we headed to Nectarie at Clarke Quay for dessert! came here about 2 years ago to try the desserts, and i remember it being quite good, although i fail to recall what i ate.

sucky thing was that the little dessert cafe is mostly Al-Fresco dining. and being next to Rebel, it was terrible because of the cloud of secondhand smoke that was constantly surrounding us. i dont understand how people smoke and eat, it really kills the appetite la. well i suppose that is also way people smoke to get skinny. special K my friends, cheaper and just as effective too!

Caramelized Bananas with Chocolate and suelynn's proudly painted statement nails

being one of the best reviewed cakes in the cafe, it certainly did live up to expectations. there is no overwhelming taste of bananas unlike most banana-chocolate combinations, but just enough to compliment the chocolate nicely, which worked really well for my tastebuds! the base of the cake was also crispy, which makes a bite-down of all the layers so much more yummy, and more importantly, memorable. definitely won’t forget this one!

like the sultry women gracing Haagen Daz and Magnum adverts, here is suelynn featured in the enticing photo ad of Nectarie's Granny Smith Apple Crumble

i have a feeling i’ve tried this before. although it loses out to Food for Thought’s apple crumble, it’s still worth a shot! the insides are warmed just before serving, and the exterior crumbles easily but remains crisp when you bite into it. alot of apple cubes inside too! although a warning before you greedily munch into a big spoonful of it: let it cool down for 5 seconds first.

the Double Chocolate Mudcake, and suelynn's attempt to steal it from us with a single bite

we picked it because dessert wouldn’t be the same without a chocolate something. but my suggestion is to order other non-chocolate things as well if you are having the Double Chocolate Mudcake, because it’s very rich, and you don’t want to feel ge-lat at the end of everything. nonetheless, it was alright only. i suppose it takes real skill to make something so chocolatey stand out from other conventional chocolate desserts. and it was lacking here..

new trick pose to slim arms, courtesy of mag

overall, we spent $23, which we split among the $6 of us. so that works out to approx $4 per pax! very worth it for good quality dessert! (:

despite impossibly strong temptation, we were good girls who resisted the temptation to slip into rebel for sat night clubbing, and went home at 12am after dessert. heh heh!


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  1. AWW! so many photos of me! i knew it, u love me 😀

  2. it just so happens that you always happen to conveniently pop yourself into the camera every time it flashes, thus 99% of my photos have you in them.


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