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much anticipation all week long for today, because my mum finally decided to take all of us to Carousel at Royal Plaza on Scotts to have their lunch buffet!!!

you know how long i’ve waited for this? 4 long years…

in j1 my mum promised to take us there on my birthday, but then the stupid place was fully booked a few days before my birthday! so we couldnt go ): and from then on, each year on each family member’s birthday, there was always an excuse not to celebrate it at Carousel.

no idea what changed her mind today, but who cares, we brought my dad to celebrate his 62nd birthday there!

macaroons! so pretty but not for me to eat ): nvm! got other things!

colourful candy chairs!

screw food critics and their harsh reviews of Carousel, i think for the price you pay, the food is already pretty damn good! sure maybe the Line is awesome, but siao!!! $70 is not something i can afford right now

there are about 9 stations in total at Carousel.

first, the Japanese Station:

there are sushi, sashimi and soba noodles.

skipped the sushi because i didnt want unnecessary rice filling up my famished tummy. the sashimi was extremely fresh, especially the salmon! my only regret was not having enough stomach room to go back for a second helping ): totally craving for it right now…

so cute they had the individual saucer of soya sauce with a splotch of wasabi soaking inside

the Seafood Station:

there was a whole spread of all the seafood you can imagine except oysters ): they only have oysters at dinner )): nonetheless, you can gorge yourself silly on Boiled Tiger Prawns, Slipper Lobster. or Steamed Half Shell Peruvian Scallops, Mud Crabs. or Saute Pacific White Clams with Garlic and Thyme – wah my personal favourite!

sorry hands dirty while busy eating so no pictures hahah!

the Salad Station:

didn’t touch much of the items here except the antipasto and appetizers cos the rest look too weird…

from left to right: duck thingy, white fish salad, and spicy beef salad (the best)

Live Station:

basically here, there is a live chef to do a live cooking of your pasta. just choose the type of pasta (linguine, spagetti or three colour bow-tie) and how you want it to be done (aglio olio, bolognese, pesto, pomodoro or cabonara)

tried the first 3 and the best of the lot is the aglio olio – pity i was too full to finish it. another one of my regrets…because i can feel my stomach yearning for more again now.

Spagetti in Bolognese sauce

Aglio Olio ❤ ignore the bread at the side- it was for my mutton soup hahaha!

Linguine in Pesto sauce. looks like the noodles were coated with baby's poop, and tastes baddd too :S btw, pesto is made up of basil, garlic and pine nuts. whatever pine nuts are, they are DISGUSTING!~

also at the live station are live chefs to help slice lamb for you. i managed to find Honey Glazed Duck and Ribs there also. unfortunately, i was wayyy too full to enjoy them and every mouthful felt increasingly torturous. the lamb and ribs weren’t that good because eating them felt like chewing on rubber, although the duck was tender.

i totally skipped the bread and rolls station, with all the different types of cheese that look better for mousehunting than actual eating haha. i wonder if you can trade a whole kg of brie for 100 pieces of super brie online LOL!!

next is the Thai Mini Counter, where i sampled the Pad Thai and some crispy tofu thingy. Pad Thai was good!!

nearby is also a few other random dishes like mutton soup (very sweet, not spicy at all), congee, and dimsum. anyhow eat la, whatever! hahaha



top (R to L): Panna Cotta, Chocolate Mousse, Mango Pudding shootersbottom (R to L): Chocolate cake? Creme Brulee

panna cotta was horribly sour, although it was a good anti-emetic by curbing the automatic nausea sensation from the fullness. mango pudding and chocolate mousse were awesome although the mousse PWNS!! went back for a second helping so i dont regret it right now haha! the creme brulee was too sweet though, i wish the non burnt caramel part had more depth to offset the intense sweetness of the top later


fruits were fresh and coupled with the sweetness of the chocolate sauce, it was simply (apologize for being cliche but its true..) heaven on earth!

next to it was the ice-cream counter. although only Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate flavours, they had 4 tins of freshly baked biscuits to drop into your ice-cream concoction to make it extra yummy!

in the end was too full so i only had abit of the biscuits ): third regret…

pwns swensens' lau hong toppings any time man!

trying very hard to suck tummy in

yay! (:


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  1. oooooooooooh has he met the family already?? yay!!!!!!!! whyyyy we haven’t go on double date yet huh huh huh!

  2. how can u not like pesto!! and pine nuts!!! ):

  3. haha melly! yep! cos you’re in UK mah!!! you come back we sure go 😉


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