the hunt for cheap thrills

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my goodness, why wasn’t i listening to myself properly when i declared that i had spent $150 in a span of 2 hours last week!! seriously the case of shopping addiction! anyway i resolved to turn over a new leaf, and i did manage to last a day without buying anything other than food!

so for lunch we tried the Ayam Penyet at Lucky Plaza! $6.60 for a plate and nah i still think the one at NUS is better, and cheaper, too! but for town food, i guess $6.60 is pretty cheap already! the sambal is damn shiok btw, so hot but so goooood!

after lunch, we had the exact solution to spend a monday afternoon in town having fun yet not breaking the bank: the Botanic Gardens!

no idea why it completely slipped my mind to bring bread along for the swans and the terrapins, i remember always having a ball of a time feeding them when my mum used to bring me to visit the gardens as a child.

there were 4 white ones gliding around the lake. i used to see black ones around but i have no idea where they went ):

J: “you can only visit this place when your legs are tired”

me: “huh, why eh?”

J: “suan leg what..”

nice try lol!!

i’m not exactly a fan of plants, more so of the scenery that would provide such an awesome backdrop for my photos. after all, there is a reason why people traditionally flock to the Botanic Gardens to have their wedding photos taken. although someone please shoot me if i do that next time. such an overused idea! i want my wedding photos to be unique! not some conventional garden or beach…

there was actually a person perched on the same branch just 2 metres away reading her book! siao! so uncomfortable! and confirm get aphid infestation in her pants one la!

now why don't people wanna take wedding photos here? lol!

a bonsai tree!

was inches to getting my butt stabbed by one ball cactus...

vandalism in a park ain't cool yo!

and so is smoking:

some fuckers who looked barely legal to smoke were puffing away on their cigs while walking INTO Botanic Gardens on the way for their class picnic. for goodness sakes, if you want to shorten the lifespan of your lungs, at least do it considerately. why do you have to ruin the experience for visitors who are just looking to breath in fresh Oxygen-rich air from the garden?

it’s the same reason why you dont smoke in a restaurant, in a cinema, and in the zoo! want to rebel also rebel with some common sense la. inconsideration just makes you look stupid, no matter how cool you think you look with a cig poised in your repulsive nicotine-smelling fingertips.

the vanda miss joaquim?

no idea what this is. just some purple orchid that would look good in my hair. but i did NOT pluck lol!!

thanks to some strange sun reflection effect, i manage to look pasty enough to fit right into a Twilight movie hahaha!!

check out the markings on the leaves! so interesting! it's like inverted depressions of the stomata!

scrotum tree that supposedly existed in the prehistoric ages. haha anw guess whether this is real or fake!

it’s fake btw…see if you can spot why hahah!

real or fake?

too bad i couldn't get any closer, and my camera's zoom ain't powerful enough. but those yellow things are actually aphids feeding on plant sap!

after 1 hour of walking nonstop, we were so exhausted! so we exited at Cluny Road and cabbed to 313 for a chill teabreak! hahah along the way the taxi took us into Nassim Road, and we spent 5 full minutes WOAHing at all the ridiculous homes in that stretch of road. it is simply amazing how some people need all the space of 10 HDB flats put together just for a couple of normal-sized humans at home.

haha taxi-driver even told us an interesting piece of trivia, that there is a mansion that has a birdcage so big it could probably fit a human in it. nuts….this is what happens when you run out of alpha romeos and herve leger dresses to keep you happy.

anyway, i also started watching 90210! gossip girl is still much better despite the faltering storyline because there is substance in the script. 90210 is completely cliche. and someone please fire the two anorexic actresses, or at least tell them to eat more! and take out the girl with the uncontrollable curly mop of a head too! her hair is too distracting!

ANO MUCH??? her legs look like they're gonna break la!

the lead (girl in the yellow bikini) is act cute to the max i tell you!! she's like a younger version of SJP in Sex and the City!


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