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here’s an interesting idea that i presented to one very naive suelynn two days ago: if she were to really open her eyes and look around at people around her, namely the male counterpart of a couple, while walking around town, she’d realize that there are some that do check other girls out despite being just micrometres apart from their other half.

well she didn’t believe me

so yesterday when we were out shopping at 313 somerset (my next favourite mall to ION btw…), she made me point out when little incidents like that happened along the way. obviously i couldnt point, that would blow his cover and make me look like a total loser trying to garner the wrong kind of attention for myself.

no no there is an unspoken code that in the event that you are checked out by someone else’s boyfriend, you just walk away and pretend (on the physical surface) like its no big deal. nonetheless, hidden reactions can include trying to stifle the puke coming up fast from your gut (if he’s god-ugly), or a little tinge of jealousy (if he’s hot and girlfriend is hotter), or complete smugness (if he’s hot and gf is trash LOL)

so to create a more subtle, yet, informative viewing experience for dear suelynn, she suggested i say the code word ‘Tomato-ed‘ every time it happens.

and i must say i was quite surprised as to the number of times i caught a Tomato because i don’t usually take notice, i just know it happens. but it was actually quite funny and satisfying each time i caught one red-handed (hah clever pun!)

so see if my Tomato theory is correct the next time you go out! same way for guys- haha girls checking you out even though bf is grasping on their hands for dear life. the feeling of smugness can a real mood lifter if it does happen that the other half of a Tomato fails largely in comparison. awww bitchy!

oh yes, we FINALLY watched Sex And The City 2 last night! was dying to go and watch it since it opened 2 weeks ago. i watched the first movie, fell in love with the characters, the fashion, and the storyline, and went back home to stream and watch all 94 episodes of the 6 seasons that ran from 1998 to 2004.

the movie didn’t disappoint either! in fact, it was probably the best movie i’ve watched since the start of 2010! had all of the things that i love, especially espeically the CLOTHES AND THE CLOTHES AND THE NAILS!!! each scene had me staring longing at all their pretty outfits and trying to pick out my favourite. wah the best was when they revisited Carrie’s stupid walk-in wardrobe. that is the dream my friends…

my favourite is Samantha's (2nd from right) outfit! so virbant 😀

best outfit is Charlotte's (extreme right) for sure! look like a candy cane!

of course in other scenes, i was just like WEERRRTTT!?!? at the things they were wearing, especally Carrie cos i hate her and her every attempt to act cute and bail on her friends for Boyzzzz. twice, Carrie was wearing a Dior outfit that was completely fugly!!

Dior Newspaper dress for a date?!?

there was another time she was wearing this Dior dress that looked like a black tee shirt tucked into a ridiculously poofy purple skirt, to a frigging Spice market in Abu Dhabi. hahah wassap with that man? makes me think twice about whether to put on something more elaborate to go to S11 coffeeshop for lunch.

oh well but i love the movie nonetheless because it has the other 3 characters, my favourite is Samantha, because she’s always fabulous no matter what! yea, even in the most unglamorous position halfway through sex and screaming her lungs out. hahaha and Big is really charming too! he does this really sexy thing with his eyebrows when he speaks, and i’m a real sucker for men who do that. another example: Ian Somerhalder in the Vampire Diaries.

can’t wait for SATC 3!!! ❤

well here’re pictures from the night!

had a $10 313 voucher so i only paid $9 for this fabulous bib necklace from Diva!

very classy! LOL

XLB ❤ wah i finally mastered the art of sucking out the soup from the top! i never knew it could be possible!

hahah or horrrr suelynn buy F21!!! lol of course i also bought stuff, how could i not! haha they were simply stashed away in my bag

best night in ages!


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