iscream ENOUGH!

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the ice-cream buffet at Swensen’s ION outlet is deceiving.

unless you have the chance to eat it as a one-for-one promotion (if you bring Popular Student Card, you will. sigh i chose the wrong day to not bring my cards out…), you shouldn’t waste $18.90 on it really.

the ice-cream is of alright-quality only, can’t expect much for the price you pay i guess. i think i was mostly enticed by the wide variety they offered. the ice-cream station takes up the entire length of the station and has about 30 different flavours to choose from, including gelato and the normal creamy ones. the trick is to have as much milky, chocolatey, creamy stuff as you can possibly manage before moving on to the gelato when you are nearly full. that way you get to maximize the amount of ice-cream flavours you get the sample.

fruit loops!! together with peach cubes and lychee. ice-cream flavours included passionfruit, lychee and rock melon

waffle and sinfully mudpie ice-cream and apple crumble ice-cream, both really nice! on the other hand, waffle was hard and dry. felt like i was eating a piece of sponge

profiteroles drenched with hot fondue chocolate. the cream that oozed out complemented the fudge perfectly in a nice mix of hot and cold (:

lime sherbet and raspberry sorbet, tgt with lau hong honey stars and very artificial-tasting cherries

dont waste your time on the apple cake. it's rubbish.... a betty crocker premix recipe would've done a better job at it.

eventually we were too bloated to go back for anymore helpings of dessert. so we just made use of the leftover fondue sauce and decorated their plates with little kiddy drawings (:

and at one point in time, i just went to get more ice-cream so we had different colours to liven up the pictures LOL!

it's a heart that turned into a dinosaur! and below that is a wandering sperm...

hahahahaha ya damn fun

btw the strawberries at the fondue station were SUPER LARGE AND SWEET! i'm not usually a fan of strawberries, but these were pwnage!


i’ve learnt a very important lesson: you must not scrimp on a hair curler/straightener. get one of a decent brand and at least $50 and above because there is no point getting something that is cheap, doesn’t work, and ruins your hair.

the one i have now is the Panasonic EH-HW11, which is both a straightener and a curler, and costs $69. there’s another version, the EH-HW51, that is $99, and does 6 different kinds of things: straighten, small curls, large curls, medium curls, volumizer and i can’t remember the last one.

i’m very amazed by the technology of a straightening iron that also curls your hair! by simply attaching a plastic piece to the flat iron, and slightly altering the technique of sliding the hair through the heated sections converts it into a curler! so completely different from the normal round tong curlers i used before, where at least i can understand how the hair is supposed to curl after being unwound from the round tong.

after half an hour of reading the instructions and practicing a little so i don’t burn my hand, i was ready to give it a shot. the first time took 45 minutes to get a full head of curls. the curls didn’t stay on very long either, in 3 hours, parts of my hair were back to being almost straight.

the second time today took just 20 minutes because i’d finally mastered the technique properly and wasn’t so afraid of burning my fingers off already. and the curls lasted a longer time too!

this Panasonic curler also employs photoceramic technology, that reduces the fading the colour of your dyed hair (compared to using just a ceramic curler of course), and doesn’t damage your hair that badly after using. i remember the cheapo Watsons one left my hair really dry and straw-like, so i abandoned using it for a long while for fear it would cause all my hair to drop off eventually after much abuse. but the Panasonic one really doesn’t leh! i don’t even have to put any glossing serum after curling my hair.

value for money!

of course the $99 styler gives you more options than just medium curls la. but it’s ok, this one works fine for me right now (:

oh ya and i must also say that the time taken to heat the iron up is EFFICIENT LIKE SIAO!! omg only 60 seconds!! the cheapo Watsons one takes like 15 minutes zomg!!! i toast bread also faster la! and the Panasonic one takes only about 20 seconds or less to heat up when moving from lower temperature setting to the next higher one. damn amazing la!

yayyy no more boring straight hair anymore! 😀

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