the day i blew $150 in 2 hours

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last week i received a surprise in the form of a letter dictating that i was entitled to $200 of GST rebate from the government. haha i never expected it because i was always under the impression that these benefits were meant for like older people only. i dunno, we have never been properly entrusted with such easy gov money like that. it always lands up in some place like edusave or PSEA topup, where the only way you’ll ever get to use it is if you subscribe to TIME and Newsweek magazines.

nonetheless, for good reason. because shortly after receiving the good news, i started justifying every purchase i’d make with the magic words: ‘GOV GST REBATE $200‘.

but it’s okay la, happy can already (:

red keds!

it’s a pity that Singapore World of Sports outlets don’t carry a large range of keds. they don’t even have the navy blue keds i wanted! thus, i am quite tempted to buy another pair from the US website, and pay abit more for a design nobody will have in Singapore. meanwhile, i have these red ones to keep me happy (:

secondly, i decided to invest in a Panasonic multi-function curler/straightener. that took another $69 out of my pocket. and i’ve still yet to properly master the art of curling, the curls always seem to go back to waves and then to plain straight hair!!! HOW! shall go to for some advice.

thirdly, a short detour into U.R.S left me another $33 poorer. on the other hand, i got a 30% discount, and FINALLY found a pair of decent work shoes! and like all the money i’ve been investing in my work wardrobe, it doesn’t count (:

later that evening, i met up with suelynn, becky and SURPRISE OF SURPRISES- CASSY! the great elusive cassy decided to grace us with her presence, it was like being sent with an angel from above.

becky drove us to food for thought for dessert. i wanted to show them the place that i’ve confirmed for my bday (YAY!!). yea and i really love the ambiance of the place. the waiters there are really friendly and the person who has been helping me plan the menu and organize the party is extremely helpful! gonna write a proper, and awesome review for them after my party is over (:

red velvet cake - really filling because of the cheesy parts, so always good to share!

also had another cup of banana peanut butter chocolate truffle or some long name like that- okay only. i couldn’t taste any peanut butter. just mostly banana, and banana makes me feel like shitting. so not a very good feeling after that lol!

graced by the elusive angel

Suelynn and Michelle (not my idea ah...)


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