a night of really bad music

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enjoyed some really good perks again yesterday by being a leech of NAC ambassadors lol! i got to watch Street Revolution Jam at Victoria Theatre, and Atsuhiro Ito ft, Zai Kuning & the Analog Girl at Supper Club. ya i know, wtf….i’ll come to the review of the latter in just abit.

i had the impression that Street Revolution Jam was a dance/hiphop concert because, well, the picture shown on the event booklet featured some hoodie guy in mid-breakdance. instead, it was 3 whole hours of rap/hiphop music. the most dance thing i got was the general head popping by the rappers to up their stage cred.

in a way, i felt sorry for the performers who had to hype themselves up to deliver their stuff with the same energy to a seated audience. because usually, these people perform in clubs in front of people who are mostly cheering for nothing under the influence of alcohol, but which also helps to rev up their performance.

well, it was so bad that quite a number of people left halfway, although the majority of the audience were made up of teenagers with enough energy to power an airplane. haha so not too bad i guess.

out of the 3 performances that i was present for (there were a total of 6-7), i thought the best of the lot was this 21 year old Singaporean rapper called Richard J. he’s extremely talented! he raps as well as Chris Brown or Akon! he did a couple of songs, of which my favourites were Billionaire (by Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars), Airplanes (B.O.B and Hayley Williams-zomg i just realised she’s the Paramore girl!) and Baby (BIEEEBERRRRR!!!). hahahahaha my closet bieber fan failed to contain itself the moment i recognized the starting beats of the song.

yea but other than that, just pretty much noise and bad rap diction…

oh on the bright side though, i managed to kope 2 free demo deejay mix CDs!!! really good r&b/hiphop stuff in there, now i can totally club at home!! hahaha

later on we adjourned to Supper Club at Odean Towers for the second event of the night- Atsuhiro Ito ft, Zai Kuning & the Analog Girl.

thank god at the door, they offered us earplugs. well of course it was to reduce the risk of developing sensorineural hearing loss because the music was going to be pretty loud. but mostly, i found myself desperately shoving down the orange sponges into my ear canal to protect it from being exposed to the EXTREMELY BADDDD MUSIC.

wah let me show you what musical instruments they were playing- if they can even be considered musical to begin with…

nope, it's not a light saber. it's an Optron

still, its name doesn’t make the instrument any cooler because it can’t escape the fact that it still looks like he stole the fluorescent lightbulb from a HDB void deck and decided to modify it so that it emits zapping sounds. i think this thing has far better use to kill mosquitoes than to play music. haha can you imagine swiping at mozzies with a light saber, how fun right?

the sounds coming from the Optron are absolutely tuneless. it’s basically just noise added on top of the other noise that the other strange musical instruments were playing.

this digimon-looking thing is called a Tenori-On

yes, this thing plays music. you basically configure the dots to play different sounds. ok la, at least abit more sophisticated than the Optron.

and if you are wondering to yourself:

where can i learn to play this instrument in Singapore?

i have the answer! you can do that at the Electronic Music Lab, which is located in the Centre for the Arts at NUS. LOL now that is a great idea if you were considering taking up exciting after school activities. canoeing and waterpolo are so yesterday~!

these would make pretty night lamps, but they are actually called Percussa Audio Cubes...

hahahaha i dont even want to know what noises these little things make. i am now entirely convinced that you can make music from ANYTHING! soon i’m going to invent a whole slew of staplers and hole punchers that will become the forefront of electronic music instruments.

when all the noise ended at 1am, i could eventually remove my earplugs and start partying hard! i held back on drinks that night although there was a seemingly never-ending free flow of drink coupons because they had so many extras! it was jug after jug of weird concoctions of housepours. at one point, i think i drank abit of mango-vodka which was really nice!!! and then the next sip i had was vodka redbull and the unfortunate familiar sensation of nausea reminded me to stop drinking.

the music that night alternated between r&b/hiphop and techno. best part was when Baby came on and all of us starting shrieking the lyrics to the song like lunatics, and this guy was just wagging a judgmental finger at all our exposed closet Beilibers bahahah!!

went home at 3am and still had so much energy to shower, have an early eggtart breakfast and carry out my entire skincare regime before sleeping. thus, i shall attempt to stay sober more often!

evidence of really bad music: ear plugs and jaded expressions

overall, i think Supper Club ain’t that great. the dancefloor is smaller than Phuture, and Andrew T at Butter still pwns at r&b/hiphop music. next place to venture! St James!! 😀

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  1. CANOEING!!! cue for kaye and i to start laughing ourselves silly. LOLLL


    you will realise that canoeing etc is, well… hahaha


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